Chloe's Exilerating Journey


18 year old Chloe was a passionate swimmer, with a dream of going to the olympics, but her life took a dramatic turn for the worse. She was in a tragic car accident, wih her head stomach and leg severely injured. Hanging on for dear life, with part of her skull removed it , it seemed near impossible for her to recover. She was hand fed and was getting bit by bit better. The doctors said that she would be able to leave hospital in 8-10 months.

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Kakoda Track

With determination and persistance, Chloe proved all the doctors wrong and was out of the hospital in 3 months. Cloe then decided to push herself to the limit and walk the Kakoda Track a 96 KM (with the permission of her doctors) with her dad. Battling humid weather and damp environments, Chloe pushed through excrushiating pain and provailed. She had achieved what she se tout to do.