Odysseus from the Odyssey

By Julie Shafer

He is Brave

Odysseus is a hero because of his bravery. Not every man will go into a strange land, not knowing what to expect, unless they are forced. But that is exactly what Odysseus did in the first three paragraphs on page 32.

He is Cunning

Odysseus is also considered a hero in my opinion because he is cunning. He used what he had when he was trapped in the cyclops's cave and eventually defeated him. The cyclops had a club, which to the men looked like "the mast of a twenty-oared black ship, a broad-beamed merchant ship that sails the deep ocean." (page 35 paragraph three) Odysseus then cut off a six-foot length of it and told his men to smooth it, sharpen it, and harden with fire. Then he tricked the cyclops into getting drunk off wine so that he would fall fast asleep, then stabbing him in the eye with the part of his own club.

He is Noble

He has faithful men that obey his every command, even if his some of his men are getting eaten, like in paragraph four of page 34, his men won't run away, becuase he probably told them not to. They all look up to him because he is noble, brave and cunning, which ties into the previous paragraphs.