Panther Post

September 16, 2016


  • Discipline Procedures -Thank you for being diligent in hallway supervision and dealing with some minor discipline already this year. Please reach out to parents for any behaviors that may result in discipline.
  • PDPs - I shared the PDP document in Google classroom early this week. Please complete and "Turn-in".
  • IEP/504 Review - All IEPs and 504s should have been thoroughly reviewed and signed-off on. If you have not done so, you need to make this a priority ASAP.

Security Visits - Great job!

Security Walk-throughs have been awesome. I have visited each wing and all the specials area to run simulated Lock-downs with the students. During these visits, I asked a majority of the students questions about procedures and they knew their stuff! That is a credit to all of you for instilling these protocols with your classes. I was so impressed.

Like I discussed after each visit, consider putting up the bulletin board border if you haven't already. What a great remedy for our shade issue!

TEAM Meetings - Week of 9/19

I will visit each Team next week to discuss upcoming dates and initiatives. I will start with sharing information on PARCC Evidence Statement Analysis and how that relates to Data Digs and goal setting for ALL TEACHERS. I also plan on reviewing Field Trip Request forms, basic SGO procedures and ask for your thoughts on PBS rewards for September.

Lesson Planner

I know you are all working through the new lesson planner. If you still need some assistance, please reach out to either Adam or I and we will do our best to help. I will not be checking lesson plans until October so you have some time.

Staff Highlights - LIteracy

I would like our first highlight of the year to focus on a particular group of teachers who have, for lack of better terms, "weathered the storm." We have all been through major changes the last 2 years but this group has experienced the most ups and downs. For example; teaching multiple contents and grade levels, new initiatives in literacy, multiple consultants, changes in curriculum and philosophy of instruction, change of resources, etc. BUT this highlight is not about that - it is about where they are now. They have approached the new year with a new consultant with an open mind and have embodied our goal of "moving forward" and being team players. I have had a chance to sit and meet with them and hear their ideas on curriculum, SGOs, resources and where we need to go. We are all working together to make this initiative a success and I want everyone to know that the work of Mrs. Knarr, Mrs. Spigner, Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Raniszewski, Mrs. Gable and Mrs. Allmer should not go unnoticed!

Upcoming Events and Reminders

  • I will visit Team next week on specified days to touch base
  • 9/21 - ELA Consultant @ 9:00
  • 9/21 - Staff Meeting @ 3:15
  • 9/23 - Bruce Springsteen's Birthday (ha!)