Trips of 2013

Top 5

#5 Chattanooga, Tennessee

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Rock City

I liked Chattanooga because I loved rock city and it was so cool seeing seven states from lookout mountain. I also liked seeing all the other things in Chattanooga and the beautiful waterfall.

#4 Nashville, Tennessee

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I liked going to Nashville because that is where most of my family lives. We stopped in Nashville on our way to Washington D.C. and the colors were beautiful. Also, since most of our family lives there, most of the weddings are in Nashville.

#3 Disney World

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Disney World

I love Disney World! My family and I went over the summer and it was so cool! All of the rides were so fun! My favorite was space mountain. It was my first time on space mountain and I am happy i went on it.

#2 New Orleans, Louisiana

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New Orleans

I love New Orleans. When i went to New Orleans we did so many things. We went to a candy shop, we went in Jackson square, carriage ride through the city, restaurants, Bourbon Street, we went in the Cathedral, and the most fun was going to Cafe du Monde! The beignets were so good!

#1 Washington D.C.

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Washington D.C.

When I went to Washington D.C. it was so fun. We went to a lot of places like, the Central Station, uno's pizza, went to see the Capital, went in the Library of Congress, went to the American history museum, National History museum, we went to the Lincoln memorial, Washington Monument, The White House and a lot of more fun things! An awesome ting was our hotel was 2 blocks away from the capital so we got to see the capital a lot.