Technology Survey

Bay Shore Middle School

We want to hear from you!

In conjunction with the Bay Shore Classroom Teachers Association, this survey has been created to determine the needs of our middle school teachers. Please take this short survey to indicate with technologies you would like to learn about during faculty meetings. Technology presentations will take place 3 to 4 times per school year.


You may scroll down for complete descriptions and examples of the 6 web tools mentioned in the survey.

#2: Use Nearpod to Activate Student Participation

Bring the classroom to life with interactive mobile presentations that teachers create and customize themselves. Check it out at

#3: Use Zunal to Create a WebQuest

Zunal is the easiest way to create a WebQuest with more than 217.9 thousand users. It is a web-based software for creating WebQuests in a short time without writing any HTML codes. Check it out at

Here is an example: Museum of Natural History

#4: Use iPad and Web Tools to "Flip" Your Classroom

Use an iPad to make instructional and tutorial videos:

Use a desktop or laptop to make instructional and tutorial videos:

Use ready-made videos:
Videos for Flipped Classrooms

#5: Use Smore to Create Online Work

You can quickly and easily post an online assignment, unit, or lesson through Smore.
Check it out at Smore.

Here is an example: Endangered Animals Project

#6: Use Edcanvas to Create a Hotlist of Resources

Edcanvas is the easiest way to to organize, present and share knowledge.
Check it out at Edcanvas.

Here is an example: ESL Research Topics.