3's are the Bee's Knees!

Ms. Linda and Ms. Kathy's Class


Tomorrow is the beginning of Letter M Week, so if you remember, please send in one item that begins with the letter M on Monday morning.

Our Easter Egg Hunt is this coming Tuesday, so please, please, please, make sure to send in your filled (and taped closed) plastic Easter eggs and egg carton tomorrow, if at all possible. Make sure to write your child's name on the egg carton, just in case it gets crazy at drop off. We want to make sure we keep track of who has sent eggs in, and who has yet to. Thank you!!!

Kathy and I have a little prep work to do on them to make sure they're all set for Tuesday morning, so the sooner we get the eggs in our eager hands, the sooner we can get that task done. Remember, if your child doesn't attend on Tuesday, they can still come at 10:30 to join in the egg hunting festivities. It'll be fun for you and your child to work together to find all of their colorful eggs! We won't be opening them on site, just to avoid confusion and mix-ups, so the fun will await you both when they bring them home! (Well, maybe just one!)

Arrival Time: Please, if there is any way that you can get your child to school at 8:30 am (or shortly thereafter), please do so. Most of the fun tasks you see in the pictures each week are done during the morning center time from 8:30-9:30. If your child arrives after that time frame, they will not have the opportunity to learn and play with the various activities we've planned and prepared for them. Also, if they miss that free morning time with their friends, it's much harder for them to ease into the school day, because they will have to jump straight into sitting quietly and listening during circle time, instead of having a little social time first. Believe me when I say, they're not as happy of a camper when their school day starts this way.

Last week's learning fun

We began our week together on Monday by spending some time with Humpty Dumpty. This rhyme should be well-ingrained in your child's memory by now! We put together a big humpty dumpty puzzle, recited the rhyme over and over, and watched a video on the "Cool School" YouTube channel on it during tablet time.

In addition, we did some diamond size sorting and matching, learned how to make the upper case letter V, shared some items from home that began with V, and made a vase of violets for our alphabet art.

Tuesday, we touched on weather, and discussed the kinds of weather there are. We read lots of weather related books, like Cloudette, and Little Cloud, and then had fun doing cloud painting and describing what image we'd created in our fluffy white artwork.

Wednesday, we talked about Rainbows and I read them the story of Noah and the Ark, which the kids really enjoyed hearing. We made some fun crafts, and even made a giant rainbow for our class. It was definitely a teamwork project, but the results were awe inspiring. The kids couldn't stop looking at how beautiful their rainbow turned out! It sure made our class wall look more cheerful!

Next Week

We're going to be focussing primarily on the Easter Story. We'll do some colorful and creative crafts, have some table time activities that will build their skills as they play, and will read some special books about Jesus and the resurrection. It's going to be a very memorable and fun week, and we can't wait to see everyone and share this very blessed time together!