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Therapeutic cloning

Therapeutic cloning is when you remove the nucleus containing the genetic material from a somatic cell and transferring it into an unfertilized egg that doesn't contain a nucleus.

How can therapeutic cloning worsen or boost the common good of the people?

There are many debates out there arguing if therapeutic cloning is good or bad and but both sides have good reasoning. Most the people that believe it is bad is because of religion because it can be killing the life of an unborn living thing but others argue that is saves lives of people who need organs.

What are people's thoughts and opinions on therapeutic cloning?

Thoughts & Opinions;


  • "It is a right that people of America should have. If someone has a failing heart they can reproduce them. If someone is hurting over a death, they can reproduce the child. It is smart and a futuristic idea. Right now it usually ends in failures but sooner or later it may just be another race in the world." - anonymous
  • "We are in charge of our own fates, so why would we leave it to chance? Hypothetically, if god gave us the disease, with today's modern science, he's giving us the chance to change it. Why would we leave life threatening diseases in the hands of some higher power when the cure is right in front of us?" - anonymous
  • "It isn't certain that the clones will have the same personality as the original, and also it is not playing god because then wouldn't doctors also be playing god because they save lives and change fate that may not need to be changed. Doctors give drugs so that people feel better and could be saved." - anonymous


  • " You're not God so why would you even think about doing something like this. We all are humans and we deserve to be represented to the world as unique individuals and not being cloned for someone's selfish reasons. We need to fight against this and tell the world that making another duplicate of someone who takes away all the creativity and intelligence in the original person." - anonymous
  • "Human Cloning is Very wrong!! We Should All Be Different!! On the sixth day God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he created him; male and female created he created them (Genesis 1:26-27) << Very good example." - anonymous
  • "The reason why I think cloning is bad is that if al qaeda learns how to clone then the U.S. is in trouble and the UK. If al qaeda learns how to clone then they will clone there army and their leaders and they will attack the U.S. And the UK. QUIT CLONING TO SAVE LIVES." - anonymous
  • "In this cruel world if we allow human cloning all it is used is for military uses. Any country that can clone people can create a huge army to destroy the whole world. This will be an army of emotionless man. Also, there are many issues in parenthood and judicial problems. It is essential to prevent human cloning while we can." - anonymous

Pros & Cons of therapeutic cloning:


  • It can take hundreds of attempts to get a good organ/body part that will work.
  • It kills what could be potential lives.
  • Doesn't always work or turn out how its supposed to.
  • It could influence scientist to research more and make bad decisions.


  • The patient provides themselves with their own body part therefore nobody else has to donate.
  • The patient provides themselves with their own body part therefore it will work in better with their body and the organs that are already there.
  • Saves/helps people needing a organ/body part
  • Its currently teaching scientist more about cells which could lead to cures for many diseases.

Timeline of the development of cloning

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Conclusion :

In conclusion, the debate of whether therapeutic cloning is a positive or negative thing is pretty even. For the positive opinions, people state that because it helps people get back to good health and they can make their own decision whether they chose to use therapeutic cloning, or not. But most of the negative opinions are because of religious beliefs or fear.

I believe that therapeutic cloning is a good thing. It can help the life of somebody already living, even though its killing someone else but because they are unborn i think its okay as there are many eggs that could become children.