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Christa Smyder, Principal Vanessa Hudgins, Dean of Students

Mark your Calendar

  • May 27: Field Day
  • May 30: Memoral Day- No School
  • June 3: Buc Bash/ Early Release

PTA Survey

Please follow the link below to fill out our PTA Parent Survey. We would love your feedback. This will assist in creating our plan for next year.


Buc Bash

Buc Bash will be on Friday, June 3. Please join us for the last assembly of the year. Here is our schedule for this day:

5th 8:15-9:15

6th 10:00-11:00***Changed from last week

Students will have a picnic. Feel free to bring a lunch!

Early Release @1:30

Field Day

Field Day is Friday, May 27. Grade 6 will have the morning rotation and 5th will have the afternoon. Kona Ice will be sold that day. Watch for more information to come from the coaches.

Student Survey for Science

This is an opportunity for students to give the President of the United States their ideas about how to improve Science, Technology, and Math in the classroom. Please give your feedback.


Medication at School

IF your student has had any type of medication in the school clinic this school year, please make arrangements to pick up your student’s medication from the school clinic by Thursday 06/02/16.

**Prescription medication, over the counter medication, inhalers, nebulziers and/or EpiPens.

For safety reasons, medications may NOT be sent home on the bus.

All medication(s) and supplies left in the school clinic will be destroyed after the last day of school, 06/03/15 at 1:30 PM (early release day).

Thank You,

Melissa McKay, RN.BSN.

Harrison School Nurse


Fax: 972-941-9906

Wylie Way Award Nominations

If you could choose the values you would like for your child to possess as an adult, what would that list include? If you chose the values you would like for folks in your community to show you, would they be the same? Five years ago, community leaders created this list with a goal that Wylie ISD would do their best to raise future citizens to possess these values and raise our kids, the Wylie Way.

Below is the list of those values:

  • Caring and Giving
  • Respect and Responsibility
  • Grit and Preparation for the Future
  • Gratitude and Celebration

Here is your chance to recognize someone making a positive difference, the Wylie Way! We need lots of folks to consider.

Link to Nomination Website

Please take a few minutes and nominate someone who is a great example of the Wylie Way!

Student Lunch Accounts

Student lunch accounts need to be kept current please make sure your son/daughters lunch account is paid. If you have any questions please contact Lori Simms, Cafeteria Manager at (972) 429-3310.

Dress Code

Please help us by making sure that students are ready to learn in their school attire. Spirit wear t shirts can only be worn on Friday. Spirit wear hoodies, college hoodies, and solid hoodies can be worn on any day.

Morning Drop-Off

Please be sure to drop students off in the carpool lanes in front of Harrison. This way we can ensure the safety of students. Our doors open at 7:45 am. Students are not supervised before that time.

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Cell Phones

Students may bring cell phones to school; however, they are to be turned off during the instructional part of the day unless the teachers asks that they be used to support student learning and instruction. Students should not be placing calls, receiving texts or calls, texting during the school day unless asked to do so by an adult in the building. If your child is ill, he or she is to report to the clinic and Nurse Melissa will call parents accordingly. Cell phones may be confiscated and returned at the end of the day if students are not following campus expectations.