MB's Multi 1-2 Class News

First Day of School is Tomorrow Sept. 5th!

Your Help Is Needed!

In about a week we will be working on our first STWEAM (Science-technology-writing-engineering-art-math...reading is included throughout too!) project. The students will only have two kinds of material to work with. I have plenty of tape, but we are in need of many empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls. So if you have any, or when you have some, please send them in with your students! Thanks for your help with our project.

Summer Fun Photos!

Email me any Summer Fun photos of your student and/or family when you get the chance please, if you have not already done so. You can also send in a photo with your student. We will be using them for our new student photo bulletin board in our classroom. The bulletin board will remain the same, the photos will change throughout the year. "Photos from home provide a sense of community and ownership in the classroom, and announce to all who enter that individuals are valued here." ~ The Daily 5 CAFE Sisters