234 pages

"Crazy, thrilling, nonstop action"


This book is about a 14 year old boy named Alex Rider who lives in west London and just recently discovered his uncle, Ian Rider, died in a said car crash. Alex found some evidence though that proves he didn't die in a car crash.This evidence leads him to find that his uncle was actually a spy for MI6-Britain's top-secret intelligence agency. Then he finds himself trying to solve the case his uncle went on and died while doing so. Read this action and adventure mystery from a narrator's point of view and find out who killed Alex's uncle and what did Alex's uncle find that might just save the whole world.

Some important scenes

Theme of the book

The theme of this book is a good combination of a regular teen and a spy with cool spy gear. He also has to stop the evil creator of the stormbreaker, an evil weapon that would destroy the whole world.

Personal connection to theme

I relate to the theme because I love action and adventure. Its really cool and it excites me. I am also just like a regular kid who lives a normal kid life but I also love to do adventurous things. I don't usually have evil villains like in the book but if I'm climbing up a mountain or something the mountain could be my villain. That is how I can relate to the theme.