Franklin Academy Pembroke Pines K-8

Parent Newsletter | March 2019

Message from Ms. Diaz, Principal

Along with the arrival of Spring, March brings with it the air of growth and renewal. Literally, Spring is a time of growth and rebirth. New flowers and trees are blooming, birds are returning to the trees, and the sunrise has started a new routine, lighting the skies once again as we awake each morning.

Spring Break is here, a time to take inventory of all that your child has learned so far this year and reflect on the progress you have seen in your child this year. It is a great time to renew your energy to help your child have a great end of the school year. April and May will go by so quickly, particularly as we begin FSA testing the first week of April. This is a time for you to talk with your child and share the things that they see have developed within themselves this year.

After Spring Break, we go straight into the FSA ELA Test, Reading for Grade 3 and Writing for the rest of our tested grades. Spring Break is a good time to establish healthy routines, enjoy the break from school, get rest and come back ready to tackle the end of the school year. Quarter Four is sure to fly by, and we have great things ahead.

As always, thank you for your support. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is ever any way we can help you or your child.

What's Been Going On...

Man in My Life Evening

Man In My Life is a special and memorable event where Kindergarten students get the opportunity to invite one special man in their lives. In this event, our little Kindergarteners got to enjoy an eventful evening as they participated in four different center rotations and took professional photographs. This year the students created an edible lawn mower, colored a very special tie, decorated a picture frame with their picture as well as a night of fishing. The students truly enjoyed inviting and spending time with that one special man whom they adore, care, and love.

Career Day

Our annual Career Day was a huge success! Franklin students had the opportunity to experience a variety of careers and partake in hands-on experiences. We would like to thank all of our wonderful presenters. We are looking forward to next year!

Art & Multicultural Show

Our 8th Annual Art and Multicultural show was a huge success with over 300 guests in attendance. We had songs, dances, and poems from China, India, Africa, and all of the Americas. Over 40 raffles prizes were given out to some very lucky guests. All Franklin Artists were featured in this wonderful array of digital and visual art including a lot of ceramic pieces. The Passport to Art included stops at the Digital Mona exhibit, A Slice of Clay pizza room, Land of the Pinch Pots, Gourd of Dots, Franklin FUN-gi and Peace Garden. After visiting Under the Big Top Glow room (which included some cool robotics) the last stop to get your passport stamped was a great Place to Rest Your Face! A great time was had by kids, from newborn to 100!

Character Counts!

In the month of March, the character trait discussed in the elementary classrooms was “RESPECT”. Students were urged to follow the “Golden Rule” in and out of school by treating others the way that they would like to be treated. Students were also inspired to be tolerant of differences and to consistently use good manners everywhere they go. Students at Franklin Academy show respect by demonstrating kindness and consideration to those around them. They also radiate respect by respecting themselves enough to be the very best they could possibly be!

Big picture

Kindergarten Goes to Butterly World

The kindergarten students have been learning about the Life Cycle of a Butterfly during science. In March, the students attended Butterfly World where they experienced and watched the four stages of a butterfly. They interacted with real life caterpillars, ladybugs, and butterflies. The students enjoyed learning all about butterflies as they took a personal tour around Paradise Adventure Aviary.

First Grade Honors Dr. Seuss

March is a beloved month for literacy as it is Read Across America Day. First Grade celebrated by having Dr. Seuss rotations. We got to do more than just read Dr. Seuss books, we did activities that foster a love for reading. We did arts and crafts, science experiments, ate snacks, and, of course, read his books. We know that reading is more than just looking at words and pictures in a book, Read Across America Day is a day to show off that love of reading!

Second Grade Enjoys STEAM City Kids

Our second graders became Robotics Engineers and Ocean Explorers during our most recent in-house field trip with STEAM City Kids. During the first half of our field trip, they had a chance to learn about the history of robotics, what real robots do, and how robots help humans on a day to day basis. Then, they had a chance to build their own robots. What fun it was to watch them program their robots and watch them go! The second half of our experience was spent learning about ocean invertebrates. The students were able to see these sea creatures up close. They saw horseshoe crabs, sea stars, sea urchins, and more. Overall, it was a valuable learning experience and the students had a blast!

Third Grade Rocks Into Spring

Flowers and trees are blooming, and so are third graders. We have been working on our skills and are ready to show what we know on the upcoming state exams. Students are working on a cheer and teachers on a dance to perform at the FSA Pep Rally on April 1st. Watch us go! Franklin Rocks!!!!

We loved Career Day on March 8th! So many wonderful speakers. We met a violinist, a nurse, an attorney, and we had a Zumba class! Many, many more experts visited our school.

Our third graders rocked a field trip to the Miami Seaquarium on March 15. This was a wonderful day where students learned more about animals in our world up close as we culminated our unit on Animal Classifications. Fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals, we saw them all. Franklin Rocks!!!!

The Multicultural Show on March 19 was awesome with many third graders contributing to this year's performance with style and grace. We hope you did not miss this one!

March also brings Spring Break. It is the most beautiful time of the year, and Florida is the best place to experience spring. Students celebrated with many joyful activities we enjoy here

in Florida; right in our own backyard. March Rocks!!!!

Fourth Grade Brings Diamond Del To Campus

Hematite, Moonstone Tiger’s Eye – these are just a few of the beautiful gems and minerals 4th Grade students collected during their Diamond Del field trip. Inside the Mobile Gem Mine, students sluiced boxes of Brazilian mining ore to collect their own gem and mineral samples and start building their own gem collections. Then, students returned to the classroom to identify and classify their samples.

Fifth Grade

At this time of the year, fifth grade students are learning about patterns and graphing. While other 5th grade skills naturally lead to the use of hands on learning opportunities, such as dividing up real life objects when working with fractions, strictly using paper and pencil to approach graphing can be quite tempting. Sometimes you need to think outside the box in order to keep students engaged. For this unit, fifth grade students used a Human Coordinate Grid to learn the different features of a graph. This over-sized coordinate grid was used by the students standing at the origin (0, 0) and physically walking the x- and y- axis in order to land on a pre-chosen ordered pair (point on the grid). It was very apparent that this kinesthetic activity solidified their knowledge of the key elements of a coordinate grid in order to be successful in this chapter. They were even able to correlate the use of the entire coordinate plane with finding a location on a map using latitude and longitude as they are learning in science how climate relates to latitude. We could really see a difference in understanding when the students saw the parallel between what they are learning in math and how it connects to the real-life examples in science.

MYP Year 1 Enjoys Career Day

On March 8, our MYP Year 1 students had the privilege of participating in our annual Career Day as MYP students. Their experience as middle school students is unique, as they are able to hear from a set of diverse individuals. Students were able to attend a total of 5 sessions. Some of the highlights were sessions by an entrepreneur, police officer, and life coach. Students were amazed at how some careers were “non-traditional” but very successful. For example, many students enjoyed listening to the presentation by Mrs. Cordeiro , a social media content creator. Abigail N., MYP Year 1 student, expressed that she liked how Mrs. Cordeiro was able to take something she really enjoyed and was creative, and she was able to make a career out of it. Overall, the passion for their careers shared by all presenters was contagious, and students enjoyed their morning exploring various career choices.

MYP Year 2 Donates to Pennies for Patients

MYP students showed their generous and caring sides this month by participating in the Pennies for Patients school fund drive. Pennies for Patients, a foundation started by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, uses the donations for “…patient and community services, research, public health and professional education. The mission of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is: Cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families” ( These blood cancers impact thousands each year. To date, several thousand dollars have been raised by our students and families to make a difference.

What’s truly impactful is how many times one hears a story about how cancer has changed the lives of so many of our students. Many students tell stories of close family members, friends, neighbors, and others in their community and how they are affected by the fight against these types of cancer. To be able to make a difference and feel like one can do something is important when fighting cancer, and this community service project helps those feel like they can win the fight.

The motto this year for the Pennies for Patients drive is “Every Hero Needs a Squad”. We are proud to say that our school is part of that squad, fighting cancer and trying to make the world a better place for ourselves and the children we serve every day.

MYP Year 3

On March 13, our MYP Year 3 students had a meeting with some administrators from the Franklin Academy High School. The goals for the day were to select electives for next year, check out the courses available next year, and to feel good and confident about next year. They gave a brief introduction to the required courses, including 9th grade Physical and Health Education and World History, which are Florida State Graduation Requirements. The purpose of the scheduling at Franklin Academy High School is to use the first two years of high school to take care of graduation requirements. After the brief whole group meeting, students were scheduled to have appointments in the media center to meet with a School Leadership Team member from Franklin Academy High School to select their courses for the upcoming school year.

Upcoming Events

FSA Reading Grade 3 & FSA Writing Grade 4-MYP Year 1

Tuesday, April 2nd, 8:30am

18800 Pines Boulevard

Pembroke Pines, FL

Other Upcoming Events

FSA ELA Reading (3rd)- April 2 & 3

FSA ELA Writing (MYP Year 2)- April 3

Quarter 3 Report Card Issued (All)- April 3

FSA ELA Writing (MYP Year 3)- April 4

Parent Info Night: St. Augustine Trip (Grade 4)- April 4

Kite Cart (All)- April 10

Box Tops Due (All)- April 11

St. Augustine Field Trip (Grade 4)- April 11 & 12

Ft. Lauderdale Beach Clean Up (Grades 5 through MYP Year 3)- April 13

Empty Bowls (All)- April 16

NJHS Induction Ceremony (MYP Years 1 through 3)- April 18

No School/Offices Closed (All)- April 19

Earth Day (All)- April 22

England Trip Meeting (Grades 5 through MYP Year 3)- April 23

Parent Academy: Transition to MYP (Grade 5)- April 24

Character Counts! Awards Assembly (All)- April 25

Wacky Wild Science Field Trip (Grade 1)- April 25 & 26

Museum of Discovery & Science (Grade 2)- April 26

Lady I Love Night (Kindergarten)- April 30