My Proudest Moments in English

my favorite pieces I have written

I Breakthrough

We may be apart

There may be a wall in my way

but nothing will stop me

I will always breakthrough

I may cry

Tears may stain my pillow

but sadness will never overcome me

I will always breakthrough

I miss you

I need you

but I will always have you

I will always breakthrough

A door may be blocking my words

There may be no handle

But no lock will hold me

I will always breakthrough

The path may run out

no pathed road for me to follow

But I can make my own way

I will always breakthrough

You don’t answer the call

A voicemail is my greeting

But my voice will always be heard

I will always breakthrough

The color fades from my face

A dark fog sets in

But I make the sun show

I will always breakthrough

I find you

I smile

I am happy

You have answered

I got in

all my tears dried

I love you

I have broken through

Dear Fathers to this Great Nation

Dear Fathers of this Great Nation,

Thank you. Thank you for making this country great. You layed down the foundation and you, George Washington, laid the first brick for a country of security and prosperity. It is because of you that I have never had to worry about my dad losing his job, not coming home to a house, or going to a table without a dinner prepared by my mom waiting for me. Sure America is not perfect; there are some homeless, hungry, and poor, but it is the closest this world has ever seen to perfection. We have freedom of speech and religion, something many wish they have. We have order and the right to choose our leaders and even some laws. I can go to bed at night and feel safe, others who aren’t so lucky to live in this great nation, lay awake scared, wondering what if. I can look out my clear window and see scenes of beautiful, fresh trees and rolling, purple mountains, while others see a harsh battle seen, splattered with blood and a tattered unrespected flag, scared for their lives. I have you and the brave service men and women to thank for that. We are never quick to judge or make accusations, we all have a fair chance and the glorious right to do what makes us happy. I could not imagine living anywhere else but here in the beautiful USA. We may disagree sometimes, but we always come together to solve our greatest problems. We can go one day fighting and feeling like we are from separate worlds ,and the next rise together and hold our flag with pride and love. We can always overcome our differences and truly be one nation under God, with liberty and truly justice for all. Thank you for all of your services to make a world that I can be proud to call home.

Snow Fall

Everyone always talks about snow

what about melted snowmen or the slush that follows a blizzard

What about the cold red noses

and sopping mittens

Or the empty stockings waiting

Or the unbaked cookies full of anticipation

Why is snow so important

Is it not what snow brings that we love

Snow is just ice

ice that makes us wet and cold

Most don’t like to be cold or wet

Yet we love snow

We all love the hoping most

The waiting

These are the things that make Christmas

Christmas is not what we get it is what we get from it.


It's just blank

nothing special

most of it ends in the trash

thrown away and forgotten

without, life would be incomplete

like a plug without an outlet

it relies on a pen to make it unique

it's in museums and memorials

our brains are like big wads of paper

holding writings and drawings

our thoughts the pencil

I would be lost without paper


ink spilling out of a small point

it stains everything in it's path

ideas come out of it

like words from a mouth

the things a pen can create

laughter, love, tears, and pain

a harmless pen can change a life

one letter at a time