Severe Weather

By: Mya A. Green


What are Hurricanes?

A large storm that forms over warm ocean water with very strong winds that blow in a circular pattern around the center or the eye of the storm.

WOW Fact!

Hurricane Hugo hit South Carolina in September 25, 1989.

Saftey Tip

Stay away and board up windows. Or move inland from the coast.


What are Tornadoes?

A small funnel shaped cloud that comes down from a storm cloud with wind spinning at high speeds.

WOW Fact!

Tornadoes can be called cyclones or twisters

Safety Tip

Never stay in a car during a tornado or you'll get picked up.


What are thunderstorms?

A severe storm with lightning, thunder, heavy rain, and strong winds.

WOW Facts!

Some thunderstorms can cause flooding. And lightning can cause fires.

Safety Tip

Stay inside as possible. Don't go under trees. Never be in water.