Wildcat News 1/29

From the desk of Beckie Webster

Thank you for keeping the focus on student learning:

Thank you to Cynthia Diaz de Leon, Betty Luquis and Sally Mejia for always helping us in the office with translations. It is so very important that we effectively communicate and provide this service to our community. Thank you all for jumping in anytime we need you to make a phone call, talk with a parent, translate a note or just to communicate an need-you all are amazing!!!

DRAs/TRPIs/Students' needs and everything in between-Thank you to MaryEllen Pate, Brenda Kemp and Kristin Maxwell for your support in SRP to ensure our campus goal of 100% of our students reading on/above grade level. These ladies work tirelessly to make sure we get kids the support they need in reading. Thank you for your flexibility to push-in our classrooms and help both our students and teachers any way they can. Thank you!

Spotlight-Check it out by Brooke's room

Based on your feedback from the survey about praise and recognition at the campus level, Christy and I are brainstorming how we can improve in this area. We also want to remind everyone to get the word out about our Spotlight-where you or our community can recognize each other for excellence on campus. (Posted on our campus website)

Spotlight on Whitestone Excellence

Recognition of Whitestone students, staff, and community for their contributions to growing lifelong learners and leaders. We invite you put a spotlight on a Whitestone member, student, staff and/or community member who has gone above and beyond by completing the form below.

Spotlight on Whitestone Excellence