Internet Saftey

Keep Your Stuff Secret

1.Don't give out your personal info.

You don't want to give out your address, phone number, school or name of your town and street.

2.Don't meet up with people you just met alone.

Never trust people that you meet online always take a good friend or a trusted adult with you to meet them.

3.Know your privacy settings.

Don't friend people you don't know because they could be lying or they could be telling the truth but still don't ever trust them unless you know them and have met them in person.

4.Protect your passwords.

Make passwords that are hard to think of, so creepers can't hack your stuff.

5. know and avoid internet schemes and scams

Don't click on suspicious pop-up ads or emails.

6. think before you post.

Don't post stupid stuff when you know you're going to regret it in like two days.