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September 27, 2015

Using strong I can statements

Great evidence from within the building this week of strong I can statements. This is NOT an exhaustive list...just what I captured when I happened to be in rooms!
Please don't worry or wonder if your I can statement isn't shown here. These are just a few that I happened to have noticed and had my camera and remembered to snap the picture!

Also, remember to share I can statements when you work with small groups. They need to be clear about what they are learning AND what they should be able to do.

Reflections information

Try to remind students about the Reflections contest and encourage their participation.

Dr. Ryan

Dr. Ryan will be here October 6th for lunch between 10:30 and 12:30.

Small group minutes

Revised minutes for the week of 9/18: 71% for reading, and 73% for math.

I forgot to send the link on Friday, so only a couple of people remembered to enter their minutes for last week. Please follow this link:


to enter your minutes. Our goal for the year is 85% of our reading in small groups and 83% of math.

We have several people who are visiting other rooms to see how individualization is being managed. If you want Jeanette to teach your class so you can visit someone else, please let her know. She's happy to help, because we know it's much easier to attempt something new when you've seen it in action.

Big image

Mind map for math

This is a mind map that Carrie Lee uses each day with her students to help develop number fluency. The students can pick a number for the center circle, and then each attached circle has a direction that they follow for that number: for example, write it in standard form, add 10, subtract 20, etc.

By allowing students to pick the number in the center, it provides an assessment of where their strengths are (less secure, they tend to pick two digit numbers; with more security, they branch out into 4 or more digits) and a quick practice for composing and decomposing numbers. It's a great way to start the day when they are heading directly into math.

A grateful heart

My heart is grateful for..

...Becky Kruse who is also instructing a student from another grade during her reading time. I shared a list of people last week but didn't realize Becky was also working with a second grader during her reading time.

...Kelly Hoff, who is always ready to lend a listening ear and offer help when it's needed.

...your active participation at the dyslexia meeting on Thursday afternoon. I had several people share that they didn't know what to expect but really learned more about dyslexia as a result. Thanks for being good sports about the calendar oversight.

....our new custodian, Adenda, who works hard every day to keep up with the volume of mess that 500+ people can make!

....Lucy Chu, who not only runs a strong after school program, but knows her students and their needs well enough to share insights that are helpful to us in assessing steps to take for student intervention.

....Marnie, for organizing students who will present at the board meeting tomorrow night. I really appreciate her leadership in so many ways, but that is a very visible one!

This week:

Monday, September 28

Jeans for staff- Thank you for the long day on Thursday!

Art Club after school

Board presentation (KC Club)

Tuesday, September 29


Wednesday, September 30

Choir -3rd only

Thursday, October 1

Good News, Mad Science, Marimba group, KC Club

Friday, October 2

La Academia Espanol (a Spanish subscription program)

postponed Pep Rally and Spirit Day because of faculty absences