Injustice Memorial


My Injustice

The injustice I have chosen is the 9/11 attacks on the world trade center and pentagon. On September 9th 2001 the terrorist organisation Al-Qaeda hijacked four air planes. The terrorists flying the planes crashed two into the twin towers of the world trade center and one into the pentagon. The fourth plane was crashed before it could reach its target thanks to the passengers on board stopping the hijackers.

Who does this injustice affect

The injustice of 9/11 affects many people. The people it affects the most are the people who's family members died in the attack. It would also affect the people who survived the attack or who had a family member that died in the attack on the pentagon.

Why should there be a monument for 9/11

There should be a memorial to 9/11 so that we can remember the lives that were lost. Like any memorial people go there to remember and reflect on what happened, so i want to build a memorial so people can remember family and friends they lost that day. Also people who were not there or to young to remember what happened could learn about the attack and take a lesson from what happened. It is important that we remember tragedy's like 9/11 so we never forget that people lost there lives not only civilians but firefighters and police officers trying to get people to safety and helping people who were injured. We need to build a memorial so that we don't forget what happened that day because if we forget we are no better than the monsters who caused 9/11

Where would this memorial be

If I were able to build a 9/11 memorial than I would build it in New York city because that was where the twin towers were. I would put it here because most of the family's that lost people live in or near New York. Also I would put them there because that was where the attack took place.

What is my hope

My hope for this memorial is that people will go there and reflect on the attack and remember the lives that were lost. The purpose like any other memorial is to let people remember 9/11. When you look back on the past it helps you remember the people who died that day and it makes you realize that the world is cruel and people hurt each other. My biggest hope is that people will come and remember the people that were lost in the 9/11 attacks.