NANUQ NEWS: Weekly Parent Update

August 28th, 2022

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Labor Day September 5th-No School

REPEAT: Volunteer Form

Please Fill out the Volunteer for found on the ASD website if you are planning on volunteering throughout the school year. It takes at least 2 weeks for the district to process the applications:

Form more information about volunteering with the district and requirements go to:

Thank you

Thank you to the whole community for a great first day for Kindergarten and Pre-K Students.

Thank you to all teachers and staff for a great first full week of school!

Thank you to 6th and 5th grade teachers for their Open House Presentations.


K/1st supervision on the Little Playground is available starting at 8:30. I have noticed students being dropped off earlier than 8:30 AM, we do not have supervision available prior to 8:30. K/1 students are able to play on the little playground or wait in line until the 8:50 bell when teachers pick them up. Once the door closes after the last class enters at 8:50, there is no staff to monitor the doors. If you are dropping off after 8:50, your child must enter the building through the Art/Health doors. We will have someone monitoring the doors until 9:00. At 9:00 those doors will be closed and then your child will have to go through the main doors and will be marked tardy.

2nd-6th grade Supervision on the Big Playground is available starting at 8:30. Students get to the big playground through the Art/Health doors. We have someone monitoring the doors at that time. I have noticed students being dropped off earlier than 8:30 AM, we do not have supervision available prior to 8:30. 2nd - 6th grade students are able to play on the big playground or wait in line until the 8:50 bell when teachers pick them up. From 8:50-9:00 students can go directly to their class after entering through the Art/Health doors. At 9:00 that door will close and your child will have to go through the main doors and will be marked tardy.


It has been a busy start to the new school year for PTA. Just this past week we opened four after school activities that will start soon. Anaya Dance 3-6th grade, Cross country running 1st-6th, Chess Club k-6th grade, and Harry Potter Book Club 3rd-6th. Thank you to the volunteers and staff that work to make these events possible. Spots do fill quickly and we are working to streamline the communication of when activities are coming up. Activities will be posted via facebook and emailed to members. All sign ups will be on our member hub store:

Information regarding Run to the Future will be coming up soon.

The first PTA General meeting will be September 13th at 4pm in the Library and on Zoom: Meeting ID: 91470101635 Passcode: PTA

There will be a drawing for a lucky member to receive four Alaska Railroad tickets to Denali, valued at almost $1500 thank you to the Alaska Railroad.

*Must be a current member for the drawing

All PTA meetings provide food, sponsored by Subway, and childcare for those in attendance. Please join us and be part of all that PTA does for Government Hill Elementary. You can sign up at

The Executive Board for the 2022-2023 School Year

President-Melissa Rodriguez

VP Membership- Kim Elliott

Treasurer- Jeannie Carey

Secretary- Ashley McCabe

Communications- Melanie Dowling

Questions, ideas, or interested in volunteering? Email

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Picture Day

We have Picture Day on September 15th. Flyers have gone out. I will post a picture of the codes and other information on my next newsletter.


We will continue with Open House events this week. They all start at 5:00 PM in the library:

4th grade August 29th

3rd grade August 30th

2nd grade August 31st

1st grade September 1st

REPEAT: Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15th)

I would like to start a new tradition this school year. I want to have an opening celebration on September 15th in the MPR from 5:00-7:00.

I would like for all of our families of Hispanic Heritage to "host a table" and share information about their heritage/culture (you can share a recipe with samples, share a song or dance, share your family journey to the US/Alaska, you can share historical information, share information about your favorite artist or author, the possibilities are endless. I would love for it to be in Spanish. If you are not of Hispanic Heritage and speak English, never fear, you can still participate. I would love for an English-Speaking Family and a Spanish Speaking Family to collaborate to host the table together. We can even possibly have multiple families with the same heritage join together to host one table. We have 10 families signed up for the event.

I am also excited to announce that I have Indra Arriaga, Anchorage artist, coming to show her Film, Sabor Ártico, in the library that evening. We will have two presentations on the hour, since the film is 20 minutes long.

If you are interested in participating please fill out the google form:



Due to OPEN HOUSE, I am moving the next planning meeting to September 9th at 5:00 PM.

I will provide the table, table cloth. If you need a cardboard information board please let me know and I will get that to you as well.


We will be practicing our first Fire Drill on Monday, August 28th. I will not announce when a fire drill will happen in the future, but since it is the first one..I thought it might be good to give you a heads up (especially for PreK and Kinder students). In case you feel like your child will need some fore warning before this first drill.

Fire Drills are conducted monthly.

REPEAT: 6th Grade Leadership Academy

Our first Leadership Academy Workshop is in the books. We had 5 students participate. We had lots of fun. I will offer more sessions coming up after the start of the school year.

I have a training on the 27th of August and then we have all of the Hispanic Heritage events and 6th grade Immersion field trip.

I will most likely have the next 6th grade Leadership Academies in October.

Once a Nanuq Always a Nanuq

If you our someone you know attended Government Hill Elementary School, please send us a picture a few sentences about where you/they are now. We started a Once a Nanuq Always a Nanuq bulletin board last year, and we made it bigger. Here is the link you can upload photos: I will be sure to add a picture of the bulletin board next week.


i-Ready Diagnostic (K-6)

We have already begun this assessment.

The i-Ready Diagnostic assesses student learning needs and provides reports for teachers to determine how to meet those needs. Personalized Lessons are provided for students based on the result of the i-Ready Diagnostic assessment. The i-Ready Diagnostic also provides a starting point to measure how much students grow during the year.

MAP (Grades 3-6)

The MAP window Monday, August 29th-Friday, September 9th.

  • The assessment data is used to support identification of students who are at-risk and in need of intervention and/or enrichment or acceleration.
  • MAP Growth is adaptive, which means that it adjusts question selection level based on student performance in order to provide a precise snapshot of student strengths and needs.

  • MAP Growth also provides information that can be used to predict performance on PEAKS, SAT, and ACT testing.

For more information go to:

Fast Bridge (grades K-3)

Sept 9th and 12th

  • The assessment data is used to support identification of students who are at-risk and in need of interventions and/or enrichment or acceleration.

  • FastBridge can also be used for Progress Monitoring, the purpose of which is to measure the impact of an intervention or instructional modification in Math or Reading.

  • For more information visit:

5th/6th Grade Lunch Group

The following classes:

Dobbins, Dau, Hernandez, Liranzo and Price all have lunch at the same time. They are the first group to earn 5 paw prints for showcasing outstanding behavior. They received popsicles during recess last week for earning 5 paw prints. Keep up the great work!


2022-23 School Year COVID Testing

ASD does not plan to offer any form of COVID testing in schools for SY2022-23 and testing is no longer a requirement. If a student or staff are ill and choose to test for COVID and are positive, they will need to follow current CDC guidelines for isolation. Those guidelines can be found HERE.

Enforcing State Immunization Requirements
ASD will be enforcing the state requirement for SY2022/23 of "No Shots, No School. For more information visit:

REPEAT: Student Accident & Sickness Coverage

This is a reminder that Anchorage School District does not provide medical coverage for student injuries. However, ASD has made available an option for families to purchase a low-cost student accident insurance program. Information is available at your school's front office, online at, or by calling 800-827-4695. Bilingual services are available.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns please email me at: or call me at 907-742-5045. I am also on messenger on Facebook.

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