4th Grade News: January

Happy New Year!


We hope you had a great winter break! We are excited to start this calendar year with your student! Thank you for sending your students to us. Just some reminders...

1. Please make sure your child is here by 8:30 if they want breakfast. We are having students walk in the door when the bell rings and expect breakfast. We are to begin instruction promptly at 9AM.

2. Homework is given on Mondays: spelling, math and reading. Those are due on Fridays. MANY,MANY students are not completely this work. It is imperative that you check your students back packs frequently throughout the week.

Thanks for your support!

The 4th Grade Team

What are we learning?


We are finished up our second learning experience on Greek Mythology! Ask your kids about their Greek Trading Card. They are making one digitally and one creatively on paper. We will be assessing theme, Greek rooted words, mythological character traits and patterns seen in mythology.

We have begun our fourth learning experience and the topic is weathering and erosion and Woodland Indians. We have begun looking at weathering erosion that is occurring at Niagara Falls as well as right here in Washington County.

Your kids are becoming knowledgeable on these topics. Please ask them how the text is structured as well as looking at any charts, graphs, maps and any text features as you read at home.


We have finished up multiplication before winter break. We have done a lot of work with various strategies as well as real-world problems to multiply. Ask your students about the Krispie Kreme, Where's the Beef, Rockefeller Christmas tree and the File Cabinet Three Act Lesson.

We have begun working on fractions. We are working on equivalent fractions for example, 1/2=2/4, comparing fractions, fractions on a number line as well finishing up with adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators.


Mrs. Buhrman is finishing up weathering and erosion. Students recently took a test on these topics and will be moving into plants and hydroponics. In a few weeks our crayfish will be showing up!

Social Studies

Mrs Gillespie has ended our voting lessons and we have started learning about Woodland Indians in reading and will reinforce that topic through reading. We will soon begin learning about how the Maryland colony was founded.


Ms. Magee has finished opinion writing for the end of the second marking period and will be working on informational writing in marking period 3.

I am sure your fourth graders have lots of opinions, get them talking! This will spark ideas to write about!

Half Day!

Friday, Jan. 15th, 1:15pm

30 East Memorial Boulevard

Hagerstown, MD

We have an early dismissal on Friday, Jan. 15. It is the end of MP 2

Martin Luther King Day

Monday, Jan. 18th, 9am to Tuesday, Jan. 19th, 4pm

30 East Memorial Boulevard

Hagerstown, MD

Schools are closed MLK day and Tuesday for grading