Topio(ping pong playing robot)


this robot simulates a human by playing ping pong a popular human game that requires good hand eye coordination and skill

where, work envelope

it is displayed in events in japan and Vietnam but is not available to be bought yet, it has39 degrees of freedom, 2 legs, and Brushless DC servo motors.
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topio is not multifunctional its only function is to play ping pong with a human and increase its skill level over time.

how is topio taught its task

topio uses an
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Low Inertia mechanical system to perform its task and has Recognition of fast moving objects,and
  • Fast and accurate movement control
  • Balanced bipedal walking
  • what sensors does topio have and how does he use them

    im unsure on this topic but topio uses 2 200-fps to detect the ball as it leaves the opponents hand

    advantages and disadvantages


    good for practicing for long periods of time

    topio wont get tired like a human would

    you don't have to find someone to play with


    you cant interact with topio

    topio may not be as fun as playing with someone you know

    electric bill


    topio has definitely impacted table tennis players all around the world. Very good players can practice and raise their skill level using topio, and table tennis players all around the world are inspired by how cool he is.


    many jobs have been created from topio for example some of them are technicions for when he stops working. More inventors for making topio better than he is right now, and People to go all around the world displaying him in shows competitions and just places where people would pay to see him.

    predictions on how to make topio better

    I think topio can be dull sometimes when he doesn't move and just hits the ball back without moving anything but his arm. The engineers and inventors of topio could program him to move more around the table when he hits the ball back.
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    thats jb with topios original design!!!!!!!!