California's most deadliest prison


Do you think you know anything about Alcatraz? Alcatraz was voted #10 in 25 most brutal prisons in the world and #16 in 25 of the worlds worst prisons.

You came here for something other than this little info. But did you know Alcatraz is haunted. 2 investigation teams (Ghost adventures and TAPS) even proved it. During the night you can see blood red demon eyes on D-block. Also there is swirling and hateful energy in the place. If you listen very closely or have a spirit box you can hear ghost talking.

Do you know what it was famous for? Break-outs. In the whole time it was open there was 14 break-outs including 36 inmates. The most famous break-out included 6 inmates. Only 6. The break lasted from May 2nd, 1946 to May 4th, 1946. The 6 overpowered the guards and gained access to the weapons room. The break-out turned into a battle and a miniature war between the guards and the 6 inmates.

Here's a question, is it closed for good? It closed in 1963. It closed because the operating expenses were much higher than those of other federal facilities at the time. So the island became part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in 1972 and was opened to the public a year later. Today, some 1 million tourists visit Alcatraz each year. And as said at the begging it was voted #10 in 25 most brutal prisons in the world and #16 in 25 of the worlds worst prisons.

Here are some bonus facts before I'm done. In its early years it was a military prison. You can escape Alcatraz and live. There is a triathlon each year each year which started in 1980. Among those who did time at The Rock was the notorious Prohibition-era gangster Al “Scarface” Capone, who spent four-and-a-half years there during the 1930s. They also held George “Machine Gun” Kelly. After it was closed it was claimed by Indians.

My conclusion is Alcatraz is a dangerous prison. It's haunted, most famous for break-outs and closed for good. I'm going to leave you with a question. Is Alcatraz safe and what if it wasn't closed in 1963.

Escape from Alcatraz

Sunday, June 7th 2015 at 9pm

Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, CA, United States

San Francisco, CA

This is the day that Athletes from all over the world will go to California to participate in trying to escape Alcatraz. This triathlon started in 1980 and it has happened every year since then.
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