Healthy Gut Leads to A Healthy Body

By: Jensen O'Shea

This article written by Dr. Jennifer Landa, was published on the Fox News website on March 28,2016. The article explores the relationship between having a healthy digestive system and a lean, healthy body. Researchers from Stanford University have discovered that multiple species of bacteria found in a person’s gut, are dependent on the intake of fiber in a person’s diet. Without fiber, these certain species of bacteria begin to eat away at the mucosal lining of the intestines and begin to die out. The absence of many bacterial species in the gut can cause serious problems, including the development of autoimmune disorders. Researchers from York University have also found a relationship between a healthy bacterial flora in the gut and weight maintenance or weight loss. At the end of this article there are tips listed on ways to help maintain a healthy GI flora such as: drinking plenty of water, increasing your intake of fermented foods, adding fiber-rich foods to your diet and more.

Article Critique

Why a healthy gut may be the secret to a lean, healthy body is a credible article that can easily be found on the Fox News website, under the tab at the top of the page labeled “Health.” There are a few things about this article that make it a credible source; the credentials of the author, the use of embedded links relating to further research, the use of information from multiple research studies and the credentials of those conducting research. At the bottom of this article there is a paragraph explaining who the author is, in relation to the medical field. This paragraph reports that Jennifer Landa is a Medical Doctor who has worked in OB-GYN for 10 years, is board-certified in regenerative medicine, is the author of the book “The Sex Drive Solution for Women” and is the chief medical officer for BodyLogicMD in Orlando, FL. At the very end of the paragraph revealing Dr. Landa’s credentials, there is a link provided which will transfer the audience directly to Dr. Landa’s official webpage, where even more information about her is disclosed. The disclosure of Dr. Landa’s credentials on the website helps to make the information being presented in this article credible because it was written by a doctor who has medical knowledge on the subject. Information being presented by a doctor is likely more truthful and based off of factual information than information being presented by an author without medical credentials. The use of research studies throughout this article also helps to make this a credible source. Results from research studies conducted by both Standford University and York University are used in this article to help back up the claim that the bacteria in your gut are dependent on fiber, can help aid in weight maintenance and in weight loss. Without the support of these research studies, it is uncertain to a reader whether the information is factual or is unreliable. When the research studies are discussed in this article, there are embedded links which can take the audience directly to the researchers website for more information regarding their research studies. The credentials of the researchers are either present in this article or on their website, which is available in the links provided in the article. Disclosing the credentials of the researchers also helps to verify that this is a credible source.