Boom!! in the Industry

How the business in the North surged forward

The Northern East of the United States 1800's

Improvements in Transportation

In the 1800's, the U.S had experienced a growth in transportation with new methods to travel with. Transportation helped people in business across the North and South of the United States as well. The two most known methods of transportation were the steamboats and trains. Steamboats helped move supplies faster from North to South and trains were being used in almost every major city. As a result, more cities began to grow.

Manufacturing and Industry

The beginning of the 1800's was a new space introducing the first machines and creating an Industry that was revolutionizing. The machines used for clothes was the most noticeable. making a shirt took a lot of time, I mean a lot! When the machines were there to help, the expense of the shirt became cheaper and easier to make.

Working Conditions in the Factories

Machines were helpful at the time, but weren't perfect, making the work of people change drastically. For example, young women. Unmarried women would leave their dependent farm life and go to a mill or factory that gave good wage with a bed and food. The conditions in the mill were very threatening, cutting someone's life short or just getting them injured. Many died in less than a day. Some owners made the girls work up to 14 hrs. without any breaks other than food.