Middle School Minutes

From the Principal's Desk....6/10/22

Chrome Books and Parent Insurance Information

Collection - Students will keep their Chromebooks and laptops over the summer – we will not be collecting these devices with the exception of the current 6th graders. This will allow students to continue to utilize the devices for any enrichment programs or just to stay sharp. 6th grade students will be returning their Chromebooks on June 17th and we will issue their Dell laptops when we return in September.

Insurance – Parents and Guardians who purchased device insurance – that insurance coverage will end at 11:59pm on August 31 – regardless of when the insurance was purchased! The next enrollment window will be in September. Students who need assistance with a Chromebook or laptop over the summer can contact the IT department

6th Grade Rocket Launch

Students in Mr. Siani's 6th grade Science Classes launched their rockets this week. This is a fun culminating activity for them after learning about the elements of space and travel. Each student built rockets from a kit and personalized them with paint colors and other design elements. As he added the fuel cell and attached the ignitor, students counted backwards...3-2-1...to blast them off into space. Students measured the angle of elevation with a device called the Clinometer.

Measuring Shadows in Grade 5 Science

Students in Ms. Menze and Mr. Frazier's class went outside this week to measure their shadows as part of a new science unit to discover how the sun and time of day affect their size. Students observed the direction of their shadows, and measured the length. Prior to going outside, students were given only told to face east (toward the parking lot) and measure the shadows in inches. They recorded the direction of their shadow, the time, and the date. When we came back into the classroom, we displayed all of the data on the board and conducted a "Bounce It" to analyze the results. Students noticed that the shadow lengths were pretty similar, even with the height differences of students. Upon further examination, students realized that some students had measurements in the 30 inch range, while most others were in the lower 20 inch range. They realized that some students measured from their right foot (furthest from the shadow) while other measured from their left foot causing the disparity in measurements. They came up with the idea that when we conduct the experiment again, we should have a constant of where student begin their measurements.

Upcoming Dates

Pre Summer Spirit Week

  • Monday, June 13 "Peace Otta Here" Day (Wear Tie Dye and Peace Signs)
  • Tuesday, June 14 Fashion Disaster Day
  • Wednesday, June 15 Mustang Pride Day
  • Thursday, June 16 Throwback Thursday (Any decade)
  • Friday, June 17 Pajama Day

Wednesday, 6/15/22 Grade 8 Class Day - yearbooks distributed

Friday, 6/17/22 Homeruns for Easton Fundraiser