Digital Learning News Brief

September 8, 2015

W.T. Francisco Staff: Using BISD Google for Collaboration, Communication, and Productivity

...AND Modeling For Their Students

Google Classroom, It's Not Just For Students!

W.T. Francisco is becoming a Google Apps for Education model. The campus has adopted Google Classroom as a way to facilitate staff communication. Through Classroom, information for faculty meetings is front-loaded so that time is saved in the face-to-face meetings and teachers have instant access to information in a single location. Additionally, all staff are sharing ideas for best practices in teaching and learning using Google Classroom.

Hey! Did You Know...?

BISD teachers, students, and administrators can ONLY use Google Classroom through the BISD Google Domain ( It's not available in personal Google or Gmail accounts. Just one more reason to be using the our Google domain instead of personal accounts.
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And, W.T. is Using Google Forms to Facilitate Safe and Orderly Student Dismissal

Using a Google Form for Dismissal, helps ensure that all students are dismissed in a timely and safe way. All staff involved in the dismissal process have access to the form and are able to easily document all necessary information on their iPads. Check out a sample of their form below.
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How could using Google Forms make your department, school, or class more efficient?

If you have questions about getting started with Google or would like to explore creative ways to leverage the power of Google, contact your Digital Learning Specialist right away and schedule an appointment and/or training.

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Google Account for Staff and Students

BISD offers accounts in our Birdville Google Domain ( for all students in grade 3-12. All users are able to access their accounts anytime, anywhere to extend learning beyond the walls of the classroom. The student Getting Started Guide is available here.

Staff Google accounts are created at the time their district login account is created. The username for staff is After the initial login, staff can reset their Google password by simply resetting their network login password as our automated system is designed to sync staff accounts across the system. Staff can access more information about using Google by searching the BISD Knowledge Base.

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Elementary Digital Learning Team

Click the link below to view the Elementary Team's blog to learn more about their personal experiences using Twitter. We hope to see you on our first Twitter Chat tonight!

Secondary Digital Learning Team

Click the link below to view the Secondary Team's smore to learn more about student portfolios, blended learning, online textbooks and more. The student tool of the week is Instagrok and the teacher tool of the week is Flocabulary.

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We Want to Hear from YOU!

We are in the early stages of planning our Fall Digital Learning Conference. Please share your learning needs with us on this form.

Project Innovate Partners

Having a district issued Project Innovate iPad is both a benefit and responsibility. It is exciting to hear of the many ways teachers are using their iPads to support the goals for Project Innovate!

Mary, Richland Middle School: "I take my iPad with me to all district and campus meetings. I use it to take notes, make reminders and to look up information when prompted. It's been a useful tool to have ready information."

Brandy, Mullendore Elementary: "I have been using the camera and photo software to show what we are learning and so many new creative ways to do projects."

Stephanie, North Ridge Elementary: "We used the Garage Band App to record the class singing a Preposition song so that it can be uploaded to parents to help their child memorize prepositions."

Carla, Richland High School: "I have used my iPad to participate in the Digital Learning Twitter chat to collaborate with other teachers. "

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Project Innovate FAQs

What if my iPad is lost or stolen?

  1. Immediately submit a Help Desk ticket providing as much detail as possible.
  2. Use the Find My iPad feature by signing in to iCloud using your Apple ID and Password.
  3. File a Police Report.
  4. Report the loss to your campus administrator and request they submit the Eduphoria form for lost, stolen, or damaged property.
  5. Refer to the User Agreement for more information.

How can I get a replacement for a lost or stolen iPad?

  1. Follow all procedures listed above.
  2. If it is determined that the user is responsible, campus funds are transferred to cover the cost of the iPad. Current replacement cost is $325.
  3. The user will be notified through Help Desk when a new iPad can be issued.

What if my campus assignment changes?

  1. Take your iPad with you to the new campus.
  2. Open the Agent app, log off, and then log on again with your Group ID (new campus #), Username, and Password.

What if my network password changes?

  1. Open the Agent app, log off, and then log on again with your Group ID (campus #), Username, and Password.

How can I sign up for a Project Innovate class and get an iPad?

  1. Currently, we have exhausted our supply of iPads available for Project Innovate training.
  2. When the next purchase of iPads is approved and received in the district, training sessions will be scheduled. (anticipated date, Fall 2015)
  3. Sessions will always be announced first in the weekly Digital Learning News Brief.

Visit the Project Innovate website or search the BISD Knowledge Base for more information regarding the issue and use of iPads.