Genetically Modified Organisms

Ban It!!

GMOs Cause Sickness and Disease!

GMOs have direct negative effects on human health. They can lead to increase in toxicity, resistance to antibiotics, decreased nutrition, and new allergens. Medical researchers in Australia and the U.S. have already discovered that Monsanto GMO grains can cause Gluten Disorders, Auto-Immunity, and Neurological Diseases.

Why would GMOs cause disease when they were created to benefit mankind?

Scientists select the most favorable traits and insert their genetic codes into the GM crops. These traits may cause the plant to produce and/or possess certain substances that cause adverse health effects. The trait could be taken from a different plant that contains an allergen. Or a trait could increase toxicity levels in plants that would otherwise be harmless to humans without the exotic trait. Or even a chemical that is newly created by a GM crop, could react to human intestinal bacteria and cause them to resist antibiotics when the human body needs it.

Examples of Damage

"This unnatural genetic swapping takes place between bacteria, viruses, insects, animals, and human beings." - Body Ecology, "Must-Avoid Foods: Linking GMO to Toxicity and Disease"