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27 september 2001 lukka sita

Bus Drops Off Claymore Springs

Yesterday at approximately 10.30 there was a bus cruising doing claymore they come over a hill to find a young person in the middle of the road. They come to a complete stop and fred gets out of the car and asked him what he was doing in the middle of the road. He turns around and he is a medget named Ted, Ted he asked Fred if he wanted drugs, Fred says no thanks l dont take drugs and then Ted said they are cheap and Fred replied no can you get off the road.

Ted tells Fred just to let you know you should get your people out of claymore because something bad is going to happen and Fred said what going to happen and he said you will never know he runs off and a bus drifts around him and smashes into the bus full of people. The bus goes that far it falls of a bridge and barrel down a cliff and people are chucked out of the bus when it is falling. The bus finally stops rolling and it just misses the lake beside it, there are people floating down the lake because it through them out of the bus and into the lake. Fred runs over and says OMG my Mcdonalds was in the bus and then he saw everyone wasnt in the bus.

Fred was very upset because his Mcdonalds was gone and all of his friends where scattered all around claymore. He said that he is not going to stop looking for them because he loves them and he doesnt know what he is going to do with out them.

They were just going for a drive because it was a new bus they bought the other day and they were very happy to drive it and now it is on the side of the lake all smashed up he just lost $10,500 out of this own money. He is so upset that his friends have been taken down stream and the police have found 2 dead bodies and they wont tell me who they are. I dont know what I am going to say to there parents it is all my folt l should of went around Ted and everything would of been fine and no one would of been hurt of even killed. I dont think l can go to the funeral and l think l am going to never drive a bus ever again, maybe a car but not a bus full of my mates or even people l dont know. l might go and look for them tonight so l can see if they have made the crash and see if l can go and fix the bus and see how much it would cost to fix it and then l can sell it.