Amazing Arthropods

Arthropod Dissection Pre-AP Biology April 3, 2014-VU


Arthropods are organisms with an exoskeleton, segmented body and jointed appendages. Arthropods are found all over the world. Organisms that are considered arthropods are Beatles, centipedes, and Shrimp. More than 80% of all animals are arthropods. Arthropods out number people 200 million to one.

Lab Objective

The students will be working together to examine two preserved arthropods. Students will look for similarities and classify both organisms.
Crayfish Anatomy Part 1

Integumentary system

For most organisms integumentary system is their skin, hair, nails sweat and oil glands. But arthropods only have one thing in their integumentary exoskeleton. The exoskeleton is made to be hard and protect the organism.
Artie the Arthropod - Original Song