Lord of the Flies

Government Project

Government Types in LOTF

Ralph - Represents a Democracy throughout the book. Democracy is a system of government in which power is vested in people, who either directly or through freely elected representatives (Democracy). In a democracy, there is the free power to vote for whoever you want to be in office. He was voted into power much like a Democracy and allowed everyone to be involved in what happened. Though he did not always accept what others were saying, a democracy allows the President to veto anything proposed by Congress which is represented by the other boys. Jack and his crew was Ralph's Military until things went south.

Jack - Represents a Totalitarian Government because of the total control Jack has over his so called "Hunters." Totalitarianism and said to be in a pursuit of a specific goal over all others. Totalitarianism is said to also be complete power over the people. The government controls all things done (Totalitarianism / government). This is represented by Jack telling his boys to just hunt. He has no means of getting off the island like he had before. The only reason they were found because of the smoke is because he was cooking and that was giving off the smoke. He also has complete control over them when he tells the boys to tie up Wilfred in chapter 10. He was angry and was going to beat Wilfred and the others followed with the fear of also being beaten.

My Island Society

My island's government would most likely be a Democracy. It would be the most effective choice because the power is voted on by the people. Everyone can get involved and state their opinions openly and this would help us to be honest with each other and do what's best for the people and not the individual.


1) Everyone has an entitlement to their opinion.

2) The people's future is worth more than the individuals.

3) Everyone must have a role or job on the island.

4) Everyone has equal opportunity to prosper.

5) No hunting after dark unless in a group of 4-5 people.

6) Game must be split equally throughout the group.

7) Getting caught not sharing kills will result in him/her not eating for 2 days.

8) For a rule to be written, must have 70% agree on the rule.

9) Freedom of Religion.

10) Everyone gets 2 hours to themselves everyday to relax and enjoy the sun.

11) Fire must be going at ALL times to help ensure an escape.

12) Leader may veto any proposal but may not overturn the ruling.

13) Disobeying rules will result in lesser or greater punishment depending on offense.

In-Fighting Historic Example

The Jordanian Revolution began in January of 2011. Citizens of Jordan were outraged by topics such as unemployment, inflation, and corruption. The were fighting for electoral reforms and demanded for a real constitutional Monarchy. Jordan's economy continues to struggle today (Jordanian Protests (2011-12)). In the book, Lord of the Flies, things happened a little differently. The boys didn't protest and just left and battled with Ralph and Piggy. This is still an ongoing problem in today's society. They are fighting the government for inequality and unfair treatment of their people. They have the numbers to protest, but they don't have the will to win. I believe the Jordanian government is going to win and nothing is going to change.

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