Amendment Project

by Emily Perelman

.....Amendment 1: Freedom of Speech.....

.......................Explanation of Amendment 1.......................

Congress may not express more favor for a certain religion over another. They are required to allow the practice of any and every religion. Congress is also not allowed too use prior restraint, or tell the press they cannot publish something, also, they cannot stop the people from forming assemblies and the people themselves are allowed to petition the government if they do not agree with something.

Freedom of Religion.............................

HISTORY: Pilgrims came to America in search too practice whatever religion they wanted.
CURRENT USE: There was a case in which a student who earned a scholarship would may be ineligible to earn a degree in theology due to his/her religion.
OPINION: I believe that it is right to have a choice of religion and everyone should be treated equally, no matter what religion. This is right because it would prevent conflicts among different religions.
This cartoon shows that freedom of religion is a still a problem because no matter what the constitution says about not judging religion it still happens.

.............................Freedom of the Press

HISTORY: Federalists and non-federalists published papers supporting their ideas when the constitution was being made, even though the government may not have agreed with them, freedom of the press allowed citizens to publish them.
CURRENT USE: The New York Times began to publish papers from a secret defense department and the United States deemed the information was useful to the enemy and they decided to go to court.
OPINION: I think that freedom of the press is good, to some extent. Sometimes it is better to not know something because it may confuse you or affect your beliefs for the worse.
The freedom of press in this cartoon is very limited, but it shows that these journalists and news reporters published or said things the government didn't feel fit to be on press which explains why they are in jail, they have violated the freedom of the press right somehow.

Freedom of Assemblies.........................

HISTORY: Freedom of assembly was nessecery for people to shape the government, this made it so everyone pretty much agreed on the government and that is why it was included in the constitution.
During a supreme court case in 2000, there was debate over whether a school could gather in an assembly and recite prayers before a football game.
I believe it is important to have freedom to hold assemblies because this way the people have shaped their own government to how the majority want it and then most people will be pleased with how the government works.
This cartoon is an example of Freedom of Assembly because the people are exclaiming their rights in a group to authority because their freedom of assembly allows them to do this.

.............................Freedom of Speech

HISTORY: This power was added to the constitution because the founders felt people needed the right to be able to speak their mind and express themselves freely. Without being able to share their thoughts and opinions no one would know what people really thought.
CURRENT USE: When a college student made a speech about racism to a crowd of people with different nationalities, there was debate between whether this violated our freedom of speech right.
I think the power of Freedom of speech is very good, but should be used only to some extent. If everyone knew everything about the country it might make some people misinterpret what is happening it could cause problems.

This cartoon is an example of Freedom of Speech because he is demanding with his Free speech that he would like to keep that right.

Right to Petition................................

HISTORY: Back in the days of the colonies, King George completely ignored the colonists petitions so when making the constitution, the founders believed it important to include this right.
CURRENT USE: There was a predictiment in which military soldiers must get approval before sending a petition to congress and it was debatable whether this should be approved or not.
I believe that the right to petition is good because then if a majority of people want something it is able to happen.
This is an example of Freedom to petition because the girl is trying to get a government officer to accept her petition which many people have signed.


Explanation: Amendment 2

States are allowed to have a militia to protect themselves and people also are allowed to own some type of gun to protect themselves.

Right to Bear Arms

History: In England the king had an army that might go against what people in the country would stand for so now people are allowed to have arms to protect themselves from danger.
Current Use:
There was debate on whether the second amendment affected both federal government and states, such as whether the states could provide their own unique limitations to the people in the state.
I do not fully support this amendment, as I believe it is important to defend yourself a lot of people will mistake this right and take advantage of it, you should only protect yourself against serious issues and this must be established.
This is an example of someone using their right to bear arms. Since everyone has this right people do not need permission from authority.