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Middle College Update 1/18/2016

Hello, Students and Families!

Happy New Year and welcome to Semester Two!

First, congratulations to the twelve students in my advising group who earned all A's and B's for first semester! Great job! There were several others who were very, very close who I expect to be in the same category at the end of spring semester.

Particular congratulations to four students in my group who earned STRAIGHT A's:

Isabella Montalvo (11)

Isabel Regonini (11)

Alex Nelson (12)

Wyatt Robertson (12)

Last week we began classes and are already off and running with the curriculum in high school classes. We will resume our normal 12:30-3:05 high school class schedule tomorrow.

College classes begin on Wednesday. Students hopefully took advantage of an almost-empty campus last week and bought their college books on either Thursday or Friday. Students who haven't yet bought books will need to do so this week. Please contact Chris Brandin ( if there are any problems that arise with this process, since he handles all book store matters.

College grades posted on January 6 and by now I have updated all students' high school transcripts with their college course grades. There were some initial glitches with the high school grades posting on the transcript, but I believe those issues are now resolved. I will ask students to review their updated transcript closely on Wednesday and ask if there are any issues that need to be resolved. Chris should be mailing home a copy of each student's transcript soon--this serves as a "report card" for our program. In the meantime, you can always check Infinite Campus as either a parent or student to see the transcript.

One last reminder: if a student earned a D/F in a college class, depending upon the offerings for spring, I may have changed the spring schedule so she/he can repeat that class in order to replace the grade. Students are aware of any changes. For seniors who earned a D/F, they will also need to notify the colleges to which they've applied :-(

Spring Recruiting

'Tis the season for us. We are beginning the process of recruiting our new junior class for fall 2016--with our first meeting this week on Thursday night! If you know any families who have a current sophomore in the district, please share the below information with them. We will be having four information nights and are always available by email or phone to answer questions about the program.

The majority of our students have found out about our program either through friends or because a sibling was in the program, so word-of-mouth has always been important in sustaining a great student population within Middle College! Spread the word :-)

Middle College Information Flyer Link

Middle College Information Meetings/RSVP

Financial Aid Information

Any senior applying to college this year who hopes to receive any kind of financial assistance--either from the federal government or directly from the institution the student will attend should be completing the FAFSA. Please see the flyer I have linked below for more information.

The deadline for completing is March 2, but completing it sooner is better than later. I have additionally included a link for a Cash for College Workshop Cañada is hosting--this workshop will lead you through the process if you feel you need help.

FAFSA Information

Cash for College Workshop

Upcoming Dates

Spring Semester

Jan. 11 MC resumes 10:30-1:00

Jan. 18 MLK Holiday

Jan. 20 college classes begin

Feb. 2 Last day to ADD/DROP a semester length course

Feb.12, 15 Presidents Holiday

March 3, 4 Staff Days (No MC or college classes)

March 28-April 1 Spring Break

May 23-27 FINALS

May 26 MC recognition celebration 3pm Cañada Theater

Class Updates

English 3: Juniors are starting the semester with a unit that will challenge their thinking about race relations, self-discovery, and imposed ideologies. Invisible Man is a 587-page AP-level novel we will study from now at least through the end of February.

English 4: Seniors began with a short unit, When the Emperor Was Divine, which focuses on Japanese internment during WWII. This week they will move on to 1984, the classic by George Orwell.

US History: Juniors are exploring history of the 20's, including the Harlem Renaissance to coincide with their unit in English.

Government: Seniors are beginning their semester of US Government and will be discussing the three-branch structure as well as keeping tabs on the current election controversies.

Junior CCR: Students will be starting to focus more intently on college-search exploration and creating their lists of colleges they'd like to apply to in the fall. Many topics we covered in our College Info Night will be explored with Juniors this spring.

Senior CCR: Students have been divided into two new classes based upon a project focus they chose (projects ranging from creating the MC Yearbook to organizing their MC graduation). All students this semester will organize and deliver one period-long presentation on a subject of their choosing. Parameters of this have been discussed in class.