By: Michael Carlson


1. A ludicrous descent from the exalted or lofty to the commonplace; anticlimax.

2. Insincere pathos; sentimentally; mawkishness.


1. They came, they saw, they did a bit of shopping. (Morons from Outer Space)

2. MARY: John - once we had something that was pure, and wonderful, and good. What's happened to it?

JOHN: You spent it all. (I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again)

What are the Benefits of using Bathos?

The benefit of using bathos is it provides some comedy for your piece. When the author states a serious statement followed by a non serious, it provides a satirical aspect to the piece. Another benefit is when a an author uses bathos as insincere pathos, it provides a lot of emotion to the piece. The reader becomes emotionally involved in the piece because of the over emotion the author uses.