Online, Reliable Resources

How do I find the Databases on a Chromebook?

You will need to login to Edline and go to Library under Academics. Online Database Subscriptions is the link you will use to look at the available databases. Access Credentials provide all the login and password information you need. Still having problems access the databases, ask Mrs. Phelps or Ms. Hartenbach to help you out!

  • Edline
  • Academics
  • Library
  • Use the Access Credentials for login database information


Facts on File Database: Exploring Careers & Issues and Controversies

Gale Resources Database: Find It Virginia (available app)

Encyclopedia Database: World Book & Grolier

Why are Databases Reliable?

  1. Free access to scholarly articles.
  2. Evaluated for accuracy.
  3. Information is stable.
  4. Subjects written by authority.
  5. Searches can be expanded to give greater results for scholarly articles.