Friday Review

Friday, September 1, 2017

What's New?

  • Grab and Go Breakfast will start for 6th graders on Tuesday, September 5. 6th Graders will exit off their buses and their cars and go straight to the 6th grade wing. They will not enter the building from the cafeteria or the front entrance.
  • The new lunch schedule will go into effect on Tuesday, September 5. Follow the schedule emailed by Mrs. Lewis.
  • The daily closure for the building to be armed and locked will be at 6:30 PM. Teachers should be sure to exit the building by 6:30 PM daily.
  • The pharmacist from Walmart is scheduled to come to our school on September 22 at 3:10 to offer flu shots to any of our staff members who would like one. There will be a sign up sheet in the front office.

  • Thank you for turning in your shared team classroom rules! If you would like posters made for your classroom, see S. Brayboy. Otherwise, make your own posters have have them posted at the front of your classroom. Supplies for posters (chart paper or poster board) are available for your use. See A. Kingston.

  • Bring tennis shoes to the faculty meeting on Tuesday, September 5.

  • House Leaders: What are you doing for your House? How do we build a family in each grade level

  • DEADLINE CHANGE: The field trip deadline has been extended to Friday, September 22. Submit all field trip request forms to S. Brayboy (folder is on her door). The field trip request form is located at

Battle of the Books and Spartan News Tryouts

Homeroom teachers.....please ask your students if they are interested in participating in Battle of the Books or auditioning for Spartan News. Give names of interested students to Mrs. Ruth Ann Harris by Friday, September 8. If they ask any questions, tryouts are as follows:

  • Battle of the Books team is a group of 12 students who are selected by reading a novel (which they will take a comprehensive test on) and the 12 with the highest score, make the team. They will meet each morning (Mon-Thurs) during Spartan time/Homeroom. They must make progress on reading 27 different titles, so only serious readers should apply.
  • SPARTAN NEWS is decided through an audition process. Students will be called to the Media Center during Spartan time to audition. Auditions consists of reading a newspaper article. They are judged on how they articulate, pronounce words and speak out. Also, good eye contact is important.

General Reminders

  • Please make sure students complete their Student Club Interest Survey TODAY before the end of the day. This data will be used next week to determine what clubs we will offer. The survey can be found on the school's main webpage.
  • Safety Reminders: Combustible materials are not allowed on your doors. If you have any paper on your door, this must be removed immediately. Doors should have nothing on the outside or the inside of the door. There are to be no extension cords in classrooms; please use power strips as needed. Plug-in air fresheners and space heaters are prohibited in class rooms or offices.
  • Faculty and staff are allowed to wear jeans on Fridays with Spartan spirit wear (Spartans, Scots, or college) or red, black, or white shirts.
  • All teacher should be out in the hallway in the mornings and afternoons to monitor students. If you have duty issues, see S. Brayboy.
  • Remember to teach Disney Style. How engaged are your students?
  • Be sure to enforce the dress code.
  • If you need help with Educator's Handbook, please see Mr. Dunham.

    Please be sure to bring AUP's AND PHOTO RELEASE signatures from your homeroom to the Media Center. The PHOTO release forms have places where other permissions are designated (Indian education, miliatry dependent, etc.) I will make a copy and forward them on to the appropriate personnel. Also, if your class isn't 100% turned in, or if some of the students have said NO on the photo form, please let Ms. Harris know.

This Week

*Teachers complete the Learning Focused "Classroom Environment and Learning Goals" course on your own*

Monday, September 4- Labor Day Holiday- No School

Tuesday, September 5- ELA/SS/Science Grade Level Subject Planning; Staff Meeting in Media Center at 3:45;

Wednesday, September 6- Student Support Services Meeting at 9:30am in the Conference Room; Grade Level/Team Meetings (as needed); Math Fall Webinar and Additional Resources (for 6-8 Math teachers) from 3:30-4:30pm (see email from Mrs. Lewis); Curriclum Night Planning (Department Chairs Core, Elective, EC, APs) 3:45 in Media Center

Thursday, September 7- Math Grade Level Subject Planning; Easy IEP Training for new EC Teachers from 3-4:30 p.m in PD 2

Friday, September 8- AIG Students Surveyed (Googl Doc); PBIS Kick Off Event (rescheduled); Spartan News/Battle of the Books names due to RA Harris

Looking Ahead

Monday, September 11 - Grandparents Day Celebration at 8:15am in the Media Center; AIG Teacher Meeting at 3:45pm; Board of Education Meeting at 6:00pm

Tuesday, September 12- EC Headcount Due; EC Teacher Schedules Due; ELA/SS/Science Grade Level Subject Planning

Wednesday, September 13- Principal Leadership at Central Office; Student Support Services Meeting at 9:30am; Grade Level/Team Meetings (as needed); Learning Focused PD "Classroom Environment) during planning

Thursday, September 14- Math Grade Level Subject Planning; Assistant Principal Leadership at Central Office

Friday, September 15-TLC

Tuesday, September 19- SIT Meeting

Wednesday, September 20- PBIS Wacky Wednesday Drawing; Student Support Services Meeting at 9:30am; World's Finest Chocolate Kick Off Rally at 2:30pm in the Gym

Thursday, September 21- Parent Curriculum Night 6-8pm (all certified staff in attendance)

Friday, September 22- Fall Pictures; World's Finest Chocolate distribution begins


  • Thank you to an awesome staff that has really come together to support our students. You have done a great job of supervising and expecting respect and good behavior.
  • Keep Jennifer McRae in your prayers. She had outpatient surgery on Friday. Get well Jennifer!

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