Jet Boat Adventures

Sterling Fortner

We headed our way to Galveston. First, we got to our hotel, then we went and ate at McDonald's. We hung out there for about an hour to plan out other ideas. After, we finished that we started making our way to the boat ramp. We got to the boat ramp and waited about 45 minutes for the boat driver.

He got to the boat, and we all loaded up. He backed it off, and unhooked all the ropes. We took off, and he explained the rules. We eventually got going. We took some pictures with this really cool waterproof camera.

We went really fast because we wanted to have dolphins come behind the boat. He did this super fast spin, it was actually fun though. We did a lot of them with all the dolphins chasing us. We went in the middle of the ocean where we were, and saw a college. It was really cool.

We started to head back to the boat ramp. After, we got off we walked back to the car. Then, we went to Starbucks. Everybody got a drink, except my sister, she got a smoothie. After that we went back to the hotel and showered, and all laid down for a good nights sleep.

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