CT Summer 2021

What you need to know (Latest update 6/24)

CT Policies & Procedures

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Highlights from our Policies and Procedures Booklet for this summer. (listed below)

Screening Procedures for Campers(Updated)

  • As part of NEW state guidelines, we will not be going to screening campers daily. Our staff will be accessing all campers throughout the days for any signs of illness of any kind.
  • As a remind
  • NO camper should attend camp if within 10days prior to attending camp they have at contact with anyone with COVID.
  • NO camper should attend camp if they have COVID symptoms or have had COVID within 10days of prior to attending camp and have not been cleared by a physician.
  • Parents need to inform CT of any changes to their camper's medical status prior to attending camp.


Due to the fact that Creative Themes is an outdoor program and is the only one using our property the following will take place this summer:

  • Campers - All campers will need to wear a mask during drop-off and pick-up. They will also need to wear a mask if multiple teams are in a shelter during inclement weather or if a team needs to be sheltered in a confined area for longer than 15 minutes, even if not mixing with another team.
  • Once campers are with their team they can remove their mask.

* Campers can wear a mask during the full time of the program if parents wish, our concern is the camper knows how to take it on and off, is not too hot in it, and will not be distracted with it.

Handwashing & Personal Hygiene

  • Campers and Staff will be required to sanitize or wash their hands before starting the camp program each morning, arriving at each activity area, leaving each activity area, and before and after using the bathroom.
  • CT will make sure to balance handwashing and sanitizing in the best interest of the campers.

Team Sizes

  • The team of campers will primarily be divided by grade.
  • There is a friend request form that can be submitted in your camper's form section. However, a request will be taken based on group sizes, and grades. (ie. no kindergartner will be placed with a 2nd grader or older)
  • All friend request need to be submitted on your campers account by session no later than June 10th.
  • Team sizes will be at the discretion of the camp director.


Creative Themes is known for our camp activities, we plan to continue these activities with our teams during the weekly schedule. The teams will move through their block schedule together, participating in each activity, led by their team counselors. During the course of the week, all campers will have participated in each camp activity currently offered, dependent on weather and availability.

  • Encourage your campers that everything is fun, and to try.
  • Remind them they will get to do it.
  • We will share with each team their schedule.


  • All Teams will have snack time in their schedule. so campers should bring a peanut-free snack daily (M-F).
  • Campers should bring lunch Monday through Thursday. Lunches will be kept in a cooler until it is time to eat.
  • CT is not peanut-free, so lunches can contain products with nuts.
  • CT works with all campers with allergies to make them feel safe at camp.
  • Friday all teams will have a Pizza Party. CT will provide pizza, chips, pretzels, fruit, and drinks.
  • WATERBOTTLES will be used this year for water only all campers should bring a water bottle with them. Counselors will help refill the water bottles when needed.
  • During lunch, campers will have lemonade available. During this time counselors will provide cups.

Water Time

  • Each team will be scheduled a water activity a day, either pool, waterslide, or water games.
  • All campers should be prepared to participate with their team in these activities.
  • One team at a time will be in our pool, there will be no mixing of teams.
  • CT will share the daily schedule closer to the start of camp.

*Campers are encouraged to wear their bathing suits to camp so they only need to change once.

Camp Staff

  • Teams will be led by the same staff members for the entirety of the session.
  • All Staff members will wear a mask when campers are entering and leaving camp. Also in incidents of inclement weather and teams need to mix under shelter.
  • Vaccinated staff will not need to mask through the day.
  • Unvaccinated staff members will mask all day.
  • Staff members have been encouraged to get vaccinated prior to the start of camp.


  • All campers should come to camp will sunscreen on.
  • If you feel your camper will need additional sunscreen, we ask that you provide a spray-on sunscreen and a stick for their face.

*This would help with staff being able to help campers with sunscreen applications.

Camper or Staff becomes infected with COVID 19

As most of us know there is an inherent risk of exposure in any place we go. Our goal is to educate ourselves, to the best of our ability, on the guidelines provided by the CDC and put the best practices in place. With the precautions and procedures in place, if we do end up with a case, we will notify our Local Health Department. In the event that a camper or staff member tests positive, all parents and staff will be notified, maintaining the anonymity of the individual.