Europe's Largest Epidemic.

The Black Death

Starting in 1348, there was an unpresidented number of deaths. After 3 years when it was all over between 25 and 50% of Europes population had fallen.

3 forms

1-the bubonic variant, symptoms- swelling on the victims neck, armpits, or groin. the tumors range from the size of eggs to apples.

2-Pheumonic plague- attacked the respiatory system and was spread by breathing the air of the victims.Life span of about 2 to 3 days.

3-Septiemic version- attacked the blood stream.

symptoms of impending death

In the East, a gush of blood from the nose was a plain sign of inevitable death. The tumors were found mostly on the neck, groin, and armpit. They grew to the size of eggs ranging to apples. They where black or purple.

No doctor could help. once infected with disease death was soon to come.

Mass Burials

Most people remained in there house to try and esape the disease. Because most of them didnt receive the care they needed most of them died. Many ended there lives in the streets night or day. Many died in their house and the only way people knew that they had died was because the neighbors could smell the decaying bodies. To get ride of the bodies they would dig big trenches and dump the dead bodies into the trench, once they were full they would move on to the next one.