Written And Illustrated By Delaney Morgan

What Is Pluto?

Did you know that Pluto is the farthest planet from the sun? It’s 3.7 billion miles from the sun. It was also the last planet found in the solar system. It was found in 1930 by the “Kuiper Belt” also known as Gerard Kuiper. When Gerard first found Pluto he, named it after a Roman God of Underwater. They named it after the God of Underwater because he is very frozen, dark, long, and narrow just like Pluto. Pluto is also the smallest planet in the whole solar system. It’s 1,412 miles across. Pluto is smaller than 7 other moons in the solar system.

Pluto's Moon!

Pluto has one moon Pluto’s moon just like Earth! It’s name is Charon! Some people thought that Pluto and Charon were two planets not a moon and a planet. Charon was found in 1978. It’s half the size of Pluto and it’s all covered with ice. Comets are huge chunks of ice and rock that orbit in space. They are found way beyond Pluto. Comets are usually 62 to 248 miles across. Some people call comets “Plutinos”. That means mini Plutos.

Is Pluto A Planet?

Did you know that Pluto might not be a planet? The size is too small for a planet and seven moons in the solar system are bigger than Pluto. Scientists are puzzled where exactly Pluto is because it’s really far away and it’s path is weird. It’s long and narrow. Pluto is neither a rocky planet or a gas planet. A dwarf planet is a planet that still revolves but, it is too small of a planet. A dwarf planet is so small It can’t even clear its own path if another planet crosses their path. As of 2012 scientists think that “the dwarf planet” is no longer a planet any longer, neither is Charon.

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