Medieval Europe

Family & Education


  • When they are young that is when they decide their fate.
  • The chores they had was: groceries, cooked, cleaned, and made the bed.
  • When you got married your parents choice it.
  • The youngest son in the family either lived with the oldest son or became a servant of a solider.
  • Women had little rights back then if none at all.
  • Wo ever was the oldest son would take over the father when he's older.


  • Not everyone attends to school, mainly boys do.
  • Girls are sent to households and learn sewing and weaving
  • There education are different from class
  • Educational schools are only open to the sons of high class in some cases they have no seats nor desk, they seat on the floor.
  • The students would have be really good at learning and remembering what their teacher thought them because of the lack of materials they don't have.
  • Any kind of math was very important in the middle ages.
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