The Roman Griffin

Myth, Legend, Legacy

The "Golden" Hybrid

The Griffin was a mythological creature composed with the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. They passionately loved and protected gold and precious materials, guarding them with their life. There are few legends about this creature, but its compelling history is both depressing and compelling.
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The Mountains of Rhipaean

According to Roman legend, the griffin population dwelled in the Rhipaean Mountains, and it was there that they protected their gold. Gold was valued higher than any other thing on Earth to the griffins.
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Hyperboreans and Arimaspians

Unfortunately, the griffins weren't the only ones who wanted gold. Hyperboreans and Arimaspians (cyclops) sought to steal the griffins' possessions. Often these creatures would mount horses in their expeditions of thievery, and the griffins hated them for it.


With these legends of thievery, the Griffin was given a negative reputation. It is only now that people give respect to this creature's legacy rather than its origin.