The Letter From the Jungle

his brother was kidnapped by men and sent to the jungle.

His brother was a cop, after graduating school he went to live in Bogota.

Alberto has a sister and a brother. He joined the red cross in 1997 and he was 12 years old. Despite his brother getting kidnapped and getting sent to the amazon jungle, he was never treated himself.

His life

Alberto's life was hard, his family was very poor.

At 12 outbreaks of a lot of criminals started to happen. He never got the needs the other kids got. His brother got lucky and went to high school and collage. He even got a nice house and a got a good girlfriend. After Alberto's brother was kidnapped every thing changed.

He really wanted to stop the violence

The main militarizes kidnapped people and mugged them to get money to fund there efforts. All he wanted to do is to prevent people from ending up like his brother. This would also help the whole country later.

He really wasn't a hard person to like, he impressed me by having lots of hope for his brother. I would like to ask him how his life changed after his brother was kidnapped.