Bangladesh war

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10 facts about Pakistan.

Pakistan won the war and got their territory against Bangladesh. There now in the Mideast and have shared a little bit of territory with Bangladesh. Pakistan has a flag that has a circle in the middle of the flag. Pakistan brought tanks and heavyweight artillery. They won the war against India and Bangladesh. Pakistan is now a country and Bangladesh is now a city. Pakistan does not have a really big popular country. Pakistan is next to Africa and Europe. Pakistan is shared by Bangladesh. Pakistan beat both India and Bangladesh

10 facts about Bangladesh.

The Bangladesh government made the flag a moon crescent. The name for Bangladesh was the republic of Bangladesh. It became the eastern are of the country named Pakistan. India also is part of that country because they were also fighting in the war. 15 million people in the city make it one of the largest cities in the world. The mango tree is the tree of Bangladesh. Bangladesh has a flag that is colored green and red. Bangladesh is relatively a small country with such a big population. Bangladesh lost the war but still has a big population. Bangladesh is a kind but poor country.