1.What are folleweres hinduism called hindu

2. Who his the founder of hindiism none

3.Where was hinduisim founded india

4.How many adherent or followers practice hinduism 900 million

5.How does the amount of followers 1 third in the world

6.Were are the main locations of most followers of Hinduism India,UK,US

7.What do hindus belive about there god/gods worship to live

8.To change the way you lived your life

9.What do hindus belive about the afterlife reincarnation until gain enligment

10.What is the holy book used by hindus vedas

11.List the practices of hindus yoga medittation

Ricardo alvarado

My age is 11 and my hobbies are video games playing outside lifting weigth'sand i this smore to explain the meaning of hinduism