Where is Middle Earth?

Oh Canada!

Middle Earth (what)

There is a place very near where you can escape to. Though not everyone wants to. But if you do, you can faintly hear the pitter patter of the feet of dwarves, and see a hobbit, just out of sight. In the north hills turn into mountains, plains stretch for miles, rivers and lakes are scattered about. In Canada. If you look hard enough, you don't see the Rocky Mountains, you see the Misty mountains. The unbelievable plains of Northwest Terretories and Nunavut could be the lone lands with little thought. The great lakes could be from Middle Earth, and are from Middle Earth. Everywhere you turn, multiple languages heard, such as English and French. Evidence of these cultures still remain today. The Canadians tend to be prestigous, but warm and loving-like hobbits from Middle Earth. They are also tidy, and aprreciate good food-also like hobbits.

Middle Earth (How)

The glistening hills near streams, the tall foreboding mountains, the ominous forests: Canada seems like a place taken out of a fairy tale. If you think so, you're not too far off. Canada is a place taken out of a classic fantasy novel. In John Ronald Reuel Tolkien's book, The Hobbit, each setting in Middle Earth could be from what is known today as Canada.The mountains of Canada, such as Mount Caubvick, resemble those mentioned in the book. The many ponds and lakes that are scattered on Canada's surface have hills nearby, that could quite possibly house hobbits. So many forests come up in the pages of Tolkien's works, and Canada has just that - lots and lots of forests. Though the landscape is what makes Middle Earth Middle Earth, the culture of Canada is what makes me so sure that it is Middle Earth. Canadians generally like to keep to themselves and dislike change. This is shown in the protagonist of The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins. Canadians and Hobbits alike enjoy good food and eating often. They also dislike people showing up for an event late, early, or unexpected. Canadians try to be polite to people, especially strangers, like hobbits. But if someone is rude or untidy, Canadians and hobbits won't like it, as shown in chapter 1.

Middle Earth (where)

Middle Earth (why)

Many people seem to believe that New Zealand is a better match for Middle Earth than Canada. Though New Zealand does have mountains that could be the Misties and has plains that could have been part of Middle Earth, Canada has this and more. The culture of Canada so closely relates to that of characters from The Hobbit. The People of Canada are very polite, but don't tolerate poor manners. They enjoy good food and they eat a lot. I believe that this culture is the remnants of a different one that existed long ago.

Middle Earth (How)

In conclusion, Canada is obviously Middle Earth because of the mountains, lakes, and forests that make the landscape stand out. also, the culture of the people so closely relates to that of hobbits through their manners, attitude, and general personality.

Middle Earth (More)

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