Danel .A.S. Benjamin


My name is Danel .A.S. Benjamin, i'm 14. I will be 15 on September 25. I am a very fun easy going person, i love to explore and see different things, i can be very responsible. I take my grades very seriously, and i am a very passionate singer and dancer. I don't like to be late, if anything i like to be 5 mins early to everything and if comes a time when i'm late i have a very good reason. I hate when i'm far behind in my studies. I'm a very closed off person and i don't talk about myself a lot because it's very hard for me talk to people, the only person i really trust is GOD. My mother is the strongest part of my life to me it seems life she doesn't care but deep down i know she cares for me, she encourages me and pushes me to the goals i have created for myself. In conclusion i'm a very sweet and amazing person.

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My Favorite Things.


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I'm a very determined, hardworking, caring, honest, loyal, respectful and inclusive leader, who fights for her beliefs. I'm not a very confident person but i can be at times, and i find that very amazing. However i don't like leading people i love to be a leader but the idea of people looking up to me scares me. The only person i want looking up to me is my younger brother and when it comes to him i have to put on the big girl clothes and lead him in the right direction.


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My mother is one of my strongest influences becaues she works very hard and still makes the time to help me, she pushes her self beyond the limt and and still comes home to do what she needs to do. This shows me that you have to work for what you want in life nothing comes free of cost and my mother have done alot of things to keep our family strong she works hard and never gets enough sleep and this is why shes my main influence. My friends don't influence me much but there is one friend who i stongly admire and this person takes her chritianity serious and its strating to rub off on me, i trust her very much and she is one of my good friends and her name is lovieve. She is an amazing girl who stnds for what she believes in shes honest, caring and trust worthy and very determined and some of those quilties are rubbing off on me and i like it!


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My role model is my pastor because he is storng in his belifs he's honest and caring and can alway tell when there is something bothering me, he is strong and firm in what he belives in and i look up to him alot because he is a man of god and he is also very kind hearted, he takes what he needs to do very seriously and he stand firm in his chrisianty. He is important to me becauses i have grown to look up to him and care about what he has to say to me, the ways he has affected me is by giudeing me in a way where i know my christianty will be more solid and less runny he has help me to go to god more and he has stood by me in oder for me to grow and be and be the person i am today.