Done - Teaching Patterns

Diffrent Types Of Patterns Toni and Abbie

What is a pattern?

A pattern can be made by using numbers, shapes, colors, and letters! Patterns are everywhere! They repeat over and over again, unless it's a growing pattern! There are patterns in nature, you can learn more about patterns in nature in the next paragraph!

This is a type of pattern using highlighters!

Patterns in Nature

With animal migration it is like a pattern because they do it every year! Birds and other animals migrate south so they can survive instead of being in the cold winter in the North!

There is another pattern in nature. When flowers grow it is seed, root, bud, flower! Seed, root, bud, flower for almost every flower

Using patterns to make Predictions

You can use patterns to predict what will happen in nature, and everywhere! Scientists predict what will happen with experiments. Weather man can also use patterns to predict what the weather will be if its sunny on Monday, rainy on Tuesday, sunny on Wednesday and such on.

Some types of patterns

Patterns may be on the stuff you wear.

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Greek Pattern

As you can see Greek patterns are very diffrent from the ones we use now! Greek patterns were made or inspired by Greek artists.

Who invented the first pattern?

Ebenezer Butterick invented the first pattern in the late 1800s! What a great job he did! Patterns are great
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