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November 9, 2018

Upcoming events at Valentine Hills

For up-to-date information on events happening at Valentine Hills, visit

Fri, Nov 9

12:50 CARES Council Meeting

Mon, Nov 12

Playworks Here All Week

7:40 Large Group Orchestra @ HVMS

6:00 PTO Meeting

Tue, Nov 13

7:40 Large Group Orchestra @ HVMS

11:00 Reading Buddies

4:00 ETS-Choir

Wed, Nov 14

7:40 Large Group Band @ HVMS

11:00 Reading Buddies

Thu, Nov 15

7:40 Large Group Orchestra @ HVMS

11:00 Reading Buddies

Fri, Nov 16

2:00 NED Assembly-grades 1, 2

3:00 NED Assembly-grades 3, 4, 5

Future Dates

  • Nov 19-23: No School/Thanksgiving Break
  • Nov 29: PTO Family Mindfulness Night
  • Lost & Found will be bagged up & donated over winter break

Principal Points

Dear Families,

I can’t believe it’s already November! The students have really gotten into the groove of learning, growing, and creating here at Valentine Hills this fall. We have used the analogy of a “Learning Pit.” Ask your child what the learning pit means for them.

The learning pit starts by possibly feeling nervous about trying something that seems challenging. As teachers, we hope to provide opportunities every day that challenge your child.

Once a child takes that risk, they may feel frustrated or stuck, so we talk about the self talk to start climbing out of the learning pit. “I am a scholar!” “I can do hard things!” “What little things can I do to start solving this problem?”

As they try different ways to solve the problem, they are slowly climbing out of the pit. This requires collaboration, communication, and perseverance.

Finally, there is an excitement in coming out of the learning pit. Students feel great when they have conquered something that seemed too challenging, and it builds up their learner mindset for the next learning pit challenge that comes their way.

Jump Right in and Let the Learning Begin!


Mrs. Samec

PTO Family Mindfulness Night

All Valentine Hills students and parents/guardians are invited to Move Mindfully Family Night: Creating Peace in the Home from Sun Up to Sun Down. This event will be in the gym on Thu, Nov 29 from 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Are you interested in learning some fun techniques to create calm in your home? Then come to this event and participate in an interactive presentation. You will explore parenting strategies and experience the benefits of using movement and relaxation techniques, along with specific instruction on how and when to use them throughout the day. Discover practical tips/routines and enjoying spending time together in a calming environment.

All Valentine Hills students and parents/guardians are invited to attend. For more information, please email:

Missing Your Child's Jacket?

Now that the colder weather is here, please be sure that all of your child's outdoor clothing is labeled. There are many similar looking snowpants, gloves, etc. Labeling those items makes it easier for your child to grab their outdoor gear and for us to return items to your child if their clothing winds up in lost and found.

Need Holiday Help?

Contact Ralph Reeder if you need assistance with Thanksgiving or Christmas. Click here for more information.

PTO Book Fair Was a Success!!!

Once again, we had a success Fall Book Fair!! Thank you to all the volunteers and school staff. We wouldn’t have been as successful as we were without your support. For those of you who purchased products from our fair, thank you! Without your patronage we wouldn’t be able to give as much back to the school and the kids as we do.

We had a total of $11,018.17 in sales. Gave out $1,540 in free books and prizes, put $1,694 worth of books back into the library, received over 50 books donated to classrooms. Plus donated $500 worth of books and trinkets to the school to give out as rewards to the kids. What an amazing turn out!!

If you were unable to visit the book fair this week or our in-school fair didn’t have what you wanted, don’t worry, you haven’t missed your chance! We have an online book fair going until Tue, Nov 27. Be sure to check it out!

Books ordered on-line will be delivered to the school free of charge and given to your child to take home. If you do not want the books given to your child, simply send me an e-mail or call me at 651-260-2475. I will let you know when the books have arrived and arrange a time for you to pick them up from the school. These books should arrive by Dec 7.

The proceeds from the online fair will go back to the school the same way the in-school fair does.

Thank you all again!

Jessica Mullen

PTO Book Fair Chairperson

Order Your Yearbook Today!

Yearbook orders are can now be made by going to this link. Orders are due by Jan 31. We do order a very limited amount of extra yearbooks that will be for sale. All yearbooks will be distributed during the last week of school. For more information, see this flyer.

Home & School Connection

Here is November's Home & School Connection:



Youth activities offered by Community Ed

Before- and after-school activities are offered by the District's Community Education department. Valentine Hills opportunities include:

For a complete list of offerings, including e-flyers from outside organizations, visit

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