Elle's Birthday Party!

Free e-books for all!

Free e-books for all!

My birthday is next week, so I'm making ALL of my e-books free on Smashwrods.com until April 1st.

I get older, you get free stuff! I'm not sure if that's a win-win, but it's a win for you (and whoever you share this with!) I'd love to hit 100 downloads this week. Do you think we can do it?

Free E-Books, here I come!

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To download,

  1. Click the button above ("Free E-Books, here I come!") to go to my profile on Smashwords.com
  2. Add as many of my books to your cart as you'd like.
  3. Use the coupon codes (below) at check-out to discount each book 100% (100% discount = FREE!!)

Coupon Codes

  • SHIFT (Shift Series #1) | CM69V
  • RECAST (Shift Series #2 | UZ95S
  • DRIFT (Shift Series #3) | DF52T
  • STAND (Shift Series #4) | NM67F
  • Harbinger (Mythologicals Saga #1) | QS64P
  • Augury (Mythologicals Saga #2) | XH76P

Elle Beauregard

Elle began writing Contemporary Fantasy in a desperate attempt to escape short, dark and wet Seattle days. Left-handed and hopelessly right-brained, Elle continues to survive the Pacific Northwest winters by communing with the characters in her head. She prefers her leading ladies sharp and her heroes flawed.

When she’s not writing, Elle is usually reading, shopping, drawing, or sewing. Her weaknesses include Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Soy Lattes, Steampunk jewelry, and handbags. She’s been known to discuss a character or two as though they were a real person; her friends and family are lovingly tolerant of her ‘quirkiness.’