Kari's Law Firm!

Opening March 22nd

Come to our firm and we'll handle your case.

If it is a plaintiff you need in your case or is it a defendant? Do you have a complaint about your case? Or do you maybe even want to appeal your verdict? Have you been summoned for an unknown reason? No matter what it is we can help you in any way possible throughout your trial. Please call us if you have any sort of dispute, we can help with anything.

Comments or reviews

Kari law firm handled my pretrial conference and set up a bargain with the plaintiff that saved me hundreds! - Jan

They set up a mediation before my court date and solved all the issues without me lifting a single finger- Dale

They are a great arbitrator for even simple disputes, I will always go to them and recommend them - unknown

The law firm found preponderance of evidence that ended up with me winning the case I had no idea I even could have won - David