Stone Age Torch

By Tom and Daniel

Tired of bumping into caves walls at night???

Well it's your lucky day! We have just invented the torch, it's your very own portable light made with animal fat strapped on a stick. Or maybe use it to cook a delicious snack?

Introducing the Fire on a Stick!

Why on Earth do I want this?

Well here's the thing do u want to carry a big load of stones/wood with fire blazing out of it? WELL NOT ME!!! So here is a portable item we call a "Torch". This "Torch" has a piece of animal fat strapped on to it, when lit it well blazes light into a dark cave, and scaring off predators!!!

Um, What does a torch look like?

I'm pretty sure you all are like "What is a "Torch"....?

Well down here is what it looks like!

Big image

It's Safe........! If used carefully!

You all know fire is not something you play fireball with right?

Well it's safe if you handle it in the correct way! Keep them away from children under 12 stone old!

How much is it?

Well it's cheapest item we have in the store currently there IS A 50% Discount!!! It's orginal price is around 6.00 pound of stones! But now we have it to at least 3.00 pounds of stone!

Buy it now or forget about it!

Limited time offer!!! You have until the end of HO HO HO Stone Holidays!

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